Issue Changing Character Color

Attempting to change the R15 Roblox Character’s hand color doesn’t work and stays default to the main attached parts. For example, if the right arm is black and then the right hand is changed to yellow, instead of changing the color, it stays the same to the right arm. Is there a way to change or bypass this problem as I would like to have a different color for each part of the body?

I have tried using the BodyColors component but it only gives the option to change the color’s of the basic R6 character (UpperTorso, RightArm, LeftArm, RightLeg, LeftLeg, and Head)


are these parts from an actual R15 rig, or are they separate meshes or meshparts?

Can you also include the properties from the humanoid (in a screenshot or something)?

Need more information to help diagnose this.

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Yep! These are all from a Roblox R15 rig. I have selected the original 15 body parts as well as the HumanoidRootPart. I made welds on those yellow rings to the HumanoidRootPart, I’m pretty sure that should change anything, but let me know if it would otherwise.

In the Humanoid instance, there should be a section for body colours.

If not, try setting UsePartColor to ON of there is an option in the hand.

There is no section in the properties of the Humanoid containing body colors. However there is another component called BodyColors which allows you to change the colors of the character, but that component is made for R6 rigs only.

Also, there is no such property UsePartColor, but if I have missed it or not seen it, please let me know.

hmm. I don’t really know. I am an animator, so I usually work with R6. I guess I didn’t realize BodyColors was not for R15 :confused:

UsePartColor might only be available for UnionOperations.

I don’t really know to be honest. Sorry about that.

All good, don’t stress about it! :slight_smile:

Did the images I attached helped resolve this issue? Please let me know if you or anyone else has a solution as I am still having difficulties.

This was January? Wow. Still an issue apparently.

Come on, Roblox. This is actually a joke :joy:

Changing the Material is a fix, but it’s pretty much undesirable for trying to make an authentic character display thing. Doesn’t look right with your character being rendered with the Metal material…

Adding 0.02 reflectance to your meshparts seems to be a workaround until this issue is resolved.