Issue with exploiting in games, how do I stop it?

so, I noticed ROBLOX has default turned on Filtering Enabled and has removed it from being turned on and off.

Now, we have a game which is constantly being exploited even though ROBLOX has default turned it on what should we do to prevent this?

This should be in scripting support

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Roblox doesn’t do all the anti-cheat work. You have to secure remote events, use sanity checks, etc.

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If your game is using remote events, add something like remote key. When player executes it, he must give a attribute with key. If the key is correct, remote will execute, if it’s not it will kick player. Example:
(i will update this to randomize the key 4 now you only have this)

if key == 'Something' then print('Correct') else player:Kick('Incorrect remote key') end
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You do realize remote spy exists, and they can see the key?
also If key is “Randomized” you will need to store it somewhere on the client so the localscript can see it and :FireServer(player,the_randomized_key) meaning exploiters can see the key, and use it!

FilteringEnabled doesnt do everything, I recommend making your own anti exploit using one of the following guides

Guide by Me: Complete guide of how to make an anti exploit!
Guide by Reapimus [Highly recommended]: A Guide to Making Proper Anti-Exploits
Guide by Dancdx: How exploits work and how to combat them