Issue with ragdoll

  1. What do you want to achieve? I want to make make ragdoll not moving player who carring him.

  2. What is the issue?
    Here’s the issue:

  3. What solutions have you tried so far?
    I’ve tried setting dummy’s humanoid state type to ragdoll/physics/running no physics and etc. But it wasn’t helpfull to be honest.
    EDITED: I also noticed that when I increase MaxFrictionTorque or decrease Density of dummy, ragdoll became less powerful, but ‘player moving’ is also became weaker. But I want to keep ragdoll strengh without moving player.
    EDITED2: Also here is ragdoll module I use: Ragdoll module for all character - #22 by Ofc_Infinitybad

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Try that Search tool up top. I’ve seen many people posting threads about carrying other players or NPCs. The issue is that both have Humanoids in them and the physics tries to fight each others movement.
Use search terms like ‘carry player npc’, ‘weld player to another player’ or ‘player can’t carry other player’ to see if you can find a solved post, or one that helps you out.

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Maybe set the Massless property of their body parts to true

You can also put them in an Accessory to make them completely weightless

nope, masless property doesn’t help. Can you explain how to do a accessory?

Yes, it is very helpful information, I’ve already searched for this information. But there was no any infromation for ragdoll. Issue is that dummy work perfectly without ragdoll, and starts moving you with.

Ah, that’s a better description.

How are making it RagDoll, with the HumanoidState, or by some other method.
I think Ragdoll does something like remove control, but changes how physics works on it.

I’ve seen posts about disabling a player’s Motor6D joints and using BallSocket Constraints instead for the joints.

Try setting the ragdolled humanoid’s evaluate state machine property to false

Accessory is the instance that holds things like hats for avatars

Make an accessory and then put their character inside of it
It makes them completely massless (massless property isnt actually massless for some reason)

yes, already did. It stops automaticly changing humanoid state type.

I think problem isn’t actually of dummy’s physics, cuz I tried settings density to 0 (property that handle basepart mass), changing humanoid state type, disabling collision and etc.

Yes, I do disabling dummy’s Motor6Ds and adding Ballsocket constraints, you have any other method of doing ragdoll?
EDITED: as well putting rig into accesory doesn’t help.

But here’s the thing. Test it and look at the Properties you just described.
I think that those get reset every frame. You should be able to check it when selecting those Parts while you are testing, not just while editing in Studio.
If it does get reset you may have to script it to change back at the beginning of each frame during the time while you are carrying the dummy.

Can you please tell me what actually property is ‘those’?

Oh yes, I found that some motor6ds are enabled, and cancollide on client for lowertorso is enable as well. Now fixed, but still the same. And as well I noticed that in server-side ragdoll look less much more rough


Please mark your last post as the Solution so others can learn from it.
It’ll also keep other people from posting here to try to fix it again.

It doesn’t help, just telling new information.

Sorry, I misunderstood.
When I said ‘those’ I meant all the Parts of the dummy. Check each Part’s Properties like Massless and CanCollide while it’s running to see if they have been reset while the game is running.

Yes, I checked. While I’m running game I see that massless is true and cancollide is false.

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