Issue with SpawnLocations?

I encountered this issue with my game on the same week roblox was having issues with the degraded performance of the Avatar Service. The day the Avatar Service was having issues, the day this occurred, and hasn’t stopped since.

Whenever I play test in studio, my player spawns directly on top of the spawn point with no issue at all.

Whenever I go in game, and others join, they join like 30 studs in the air, and fall down onto the SpawnLocation. It’s doing the same thing that would happen if you had no SpawnLocations at all by putting you high in the air then falling, but it’s doing it over the SpawnLocation.

This same issue happens with SpawnLocations under structures.

(Yes, I know the gas station pumps are free models, they were placeholder, and I’m actually working on brand new ones now, but that’s beside the point here)

Right above the spawn point in the middle, is the top of the actual Gas Station.

Does anyone know what is causing this exactly? It doesn’t matter if I remove the SpawnLocations and add brand new ones using the Object Adder. The same issue replicates each time, but it doesn’t on my other games.

Check the properties of the SpawnLocations, and well make sure CanCollide is disabled, and AllowTeamChange.

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These are fresh new spawns keep in mind. Both of these options but CanCollide were left off. I manually turn off CanCollide because it’s my normal routine when making spawns. The issue still occurs. Honestly not sure if this is a Roblox bug or what

Also thanks for being the only response in 4 days

Spawns use Humanoid:MoveTo (which is just Model:MoveTo). This function moves the model to the nearest area it considers “open”.

I’ll looking it really fast, but it could be because the game things there is something above the spawn, like invisible parts or something.

Not sure then. I think that happens with non-collide parts too if that helps.

I’ve moved the spawn away from under the gas station, and it still occurs. The avatars now only fall from the sky instead of spawning on top of the gas station, and falling from the sky where the gas station was not present above them. I’ve checked the game, and cannot seem to find any invisible parts.

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Are you sure this is NOT a virus?

Ok, I’m sure this is a virus at this point, do you work with ANYONE else? That could be adding viruses into your game, also just check for scripts. I believe you can do Ctrl + Shift + F and write “Script” and see if there’s anything.

RunService allows a script to check if they’re in Studio or in game, it’s very likely that here, they check if you’re in-game or in-Studio.


tip: make a spawn location from YOUR studio, its safer :smiley:

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I made the spawns myself in studio, and I’m not that much of a no brainer to let a virus into my game. I can reassure it’s not virus.

No viruses, I barely open up to free models, and when I do, I always remove any script related thing from it because I can learn to do it myself