Issues with trying to use a Bone-Motor6D custom rig hybrid

I’m trying to use a bone-motor6d hybrid rig for my mecha game which uses both hard surface parts and skinned parts to make realistic deformation in all the right places. The mecha consists of more hard surface parts than skinned parts so I opted to attempt a bone-motor6d hybrid. However this is causing some… geometrical “translation” issues. I couldnt post a bug report or a feature request so I turn to the community. Though I am unsure if this would be either a bug or a feature request.

During animation with bones and motor6s it is both difficult to keep the bones in the right places and create the animation without the bones translating through parts than to stay beside the parts that they should in theory be “parented” to. Observe.

Initially these parts were animated correctly, but as more variables changed as the animation was being created the bones seemed to lose their “offset” causing major problems.

Right now my only solution is to correct the bone placement at every keyframe which is extremely tedious and annoying. And going for a fully skinned rig seems not only complicated but unnecessary for my application and a fully motor6 rig does not provide enough flexibility in a literal sense. Ideally I would want a way to link bones directly to a parent part without having have them be parented to the humanoid root part and losing their offset.

Ideally I wouldnt want to use a script that constantly updates the bones CFrame not that it wouldnt be out of my scope and skillset however this is a highly inefficient way and Id rather avoid it entirely. So if anyone has any suggestions or solutions please provide!

If anyone is able to forward this post to a feature request/ bug report. Please do!

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Actually I managed to fix it, oops… but for anyone else trying a hybrid system. Make sure to reparent your bones to the parts you actually want them being offset from. Then from there all you need to do is re position them in studio and they should work perfectly.

However my request still stands that bones should be able to directly interact with joints to make hybrid animations even more seamless.