It is now harder than ever to find sound effects


I don’t have a lot of Robux currently and it is extremely difficult to find/produce and upload hundreds of sounds I will need for my game. I used to be able to do this easily with the Library but it is now filled to the brim with royalty free music from Roblox and the search does not correctly return relevant results. It’s buggier and more difficult to use than it has ever been. Not to mention the sound preview has a 50/50 chance of playing on Chrome.

Please give an option to filter out royalty free music and possibly touch up on the search algorithm.


Totally agree. I looked up water sound effects the other day and I got pages of results from roblox’s song uploads. If there was a way to filter out roblox sounds that would be great.


I really hope that similar to how Roblox has uploaded the acquired APM music library, a Sound Effect Library is also tackled. Having similar descriptions on these sounds (like the APM music titles) will help the search algorithm pull up the sounds. A game isn’t a game without sound effects, and right now, finding them is simply too hard.


It is extremely annoying to find relevant sound effects solely due to the amount of music uploaded by Roblox that seemingly matches keywords for everything I search for. Searching for audio is one of the biggest thing that slows down development for users who use SFX in their games.


Also the fact that all the music Roblox uploaded is named identically to any search term you could use for a sound effect is incredibly annoying. Instead of getting a “Water” sound effect, I’ll get 12 different versions of a random song.


An actual functional search is so incredibly overdue on this platform that’s entirely built on user generated content that I’m in absolute awe it’s not even been mentioned as a priority by now. Search functionality for every form of UGC on Roblox is nearly utterly useless for finding anything you’re actually looking for.

Keyword search across the website needs to be improved, and assets would greatly benefit from being categorizable or taggable as a certain type of asset for situations such as the one in this thread.


The entire search box is a joke.

I search up, let’s say Vikings and it’ll come up with just either models with the most sales or just anything that was recently uploaded.

It’s entirely broken


Let’s say I enter a search that’s similar to “Artist - Track”.

The results will either be single word “Artist” or “Track”, while actual results are pushed 10 pages to the back or aren’t shown at all. And almost all of those will be variants of songs uploaded by Roblox. This is ridiculous. Surely you understand my anger here. It’s especially annoying when you know that particular sound exists on the site.


This seems like multiple smaller requests in one. There are already feature requests for searching audio by length, for the ability to categorize audio by either music or effect, and for additional search filters for audio. Are you requesting anything different in this thread?


Support, Today I tried to search up some sort of fire extinguisher/water flowing sound and I managed to find one but the rest of the audio was useless Roblox music that was totally irreverent to what I was searching for.

Defiantly need to be able to filter out ROBLOX owed audio for the Sound Library.


Ran into this problem again today. Needed a few short sound effects and had to go through hundreds of songs to find them. Every. Single. One.

I think the ability to sort by sound length would actually be more helpful in this case and less weird. This way I can filter out all music, not just Roblox’s.


Writing this one up.