It is too hard to showcase my milestones as a creator

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard for Roblox developers to showcase milestones that they have achieved on the Roblox platform. The Roblox badges feature served as a way for Roblox creators to showcase their milestones in the past, but the number of badges that Roblox creators can currently obtain is insignificant and the badges are not up to date with modern day standards.

Here’s what I mean:

Currently Obtainable Roblox Badges vs. The Modern Day
  • The highest place visit count badge is at 1,000, while there have been experiences that have exceeded 1 billion visits.

  • The veteran badge is given to user accounts that are a year old and there are currently users that are over 15 years old in account age.

  • For the friendship badge, you just need 20 friends, only 10% of the maximum number of friends a Roblox user can have in 2024.

  • The official model maker badge is a great way to recognize the stars behind some of the most popularly used free models out there. The issue with this however, is that official model makers are the only type of select users with their own dedicated honorific badge. Users part of newer Roblox programs do not have a dedicated badge.

If Roblox were to address this issue, Roblox users would be more incentivized to develop on the Roblox platform and users would gain insight to what milestones a developer has achieved throughout their time on the platform.


I second this. A majority of Roblox badges are those that are a relic of the past, as most of them have been discontinued as of almost a decade ago.

In terms of your suggestion about the friendship badge, I don’t think it would make sense to only display the badge with the highest friend count, since that would essentially be revoking the other badges, and badges are something that people generally get to keep forever.


What is the creator problem being solved here? “introducing new badges” is a solution, not a problem.

The format helps you write your threads in a way that we can most easily consume them, so it’s important to follow them, particularly writing your topics as problem descriptions rather than as requested specific solutions.

Taking a step back, what value do system badges fulfil for you? Could you rephrase the title and body of your thread to describe the actual creator problem you are facing? This will help us prioritize the request better and find the right product manager internally to look at it, and it will help us find the best solution.

A good example of a thread could be “It’s hard to celebrate milestones I achieve as a creator” where you highlight system badges as a past way that this problem was somewhat solved but no longer solves the problem.

I have followed your feedback.

However, I can’t help but feel anxious that different solutions will be explored because I wanted changes to badges to be the solution to my issue. Solutions through other means (by implementing an update irrelevant to badges) isn’t really what I was looking for. This is what drove me to write the way I did.

When it comes to badges, a lot of people ask for ideas (“Okay so what do you want done with badges?”), so I had presented how I believe badges can be reworked, but I understand that this is not my responsibility and that its’ the respected teams’ responsibility to craft solutions.

The issue is exactly as you have stated, it’s too hard for developers to celebrate their milestones. The implementation of new badges would be a great way to address this issue in my opinion.

It’s worth considering that system badges are severely outdated and might not have a place on the platform anymore in their current form or with their backend tech. Other solutions could bring more benefits outside of the limitations of badges.

You’re encouraged to write problem-first in your topics here for this reason. It’s important that you share what exactly your problem is with the current state of affairs and why. The whole purpose of feature requests is to share what you need, not necessarily what you want - the solution the user comes up with is rarely going to satisfy all technical requirements, or benefit more users than a well-researched solution discovered internally. Roblox is well justified in exploring alternatives to system badges to recognize creator accomplishments instead of updating an archaic system.

There’s currently a few ways Roblox is attempting to recognize creator achievements; there is a program to award crowns to developers at MAU milestones, physical trophies, etc. If these don’t hit the mark for you, why is that? Why do you specifically want badges to be displayed on the website - I imagine maybe for the public recognition on your profile, so that players and other developers can see? This sort of thing, the underlying need, is the real feature request - not just more badges.

With that sort of thing in mind, Roblox would be more likely to consider a revamped version of this system with Creator Hub tie-in and all sorts of potential platform integration. Look at achievements on steam, there’s lots they could do with this. Product needs to understand the true need to be able to pursue options in a direction that’s satisfying.

Yes. When another user visits my profile, I want them to notice all of the milestones I have achieved throughout history somewhere on my profile.

Crown of O’s are avatar accessories that better showcase developer achievements in-game. They’re also meant to particularly showcase one achievement which is how much MAU you have achieved in Roblox experiences you have developed. MAU is not the only achievement I desire to showcase.

And by the way, about the crowns,

Crown of O’s are automatically awarded and due to limitations, I am unable to receive them as a translator. I am in need of multiple crowns.

The physical trophies as well as gifted physical merch on the other hand are real world items meant to showcase your achievements in real life, in person.

When it comes to Roblox profiles, there’s no place to showcase your achievements and milestones other than the badges section of your profile, really. You can write up a list on your About section as a workaround but I’d prefer a visual showcase and the collections section can only showcase items that are special to you rather than your milestones.

I’m going to go a bit off topic, but on a side note, while you dislike how Steam handles achievements, I think on the other hand, it’s fair to say that Steam handles profile customization quite amazingly. On Steam, users can:

  • Customize the order of sections displayed on their profile
  • Customize what sections to display and not display
  • Showcase any images that they want
  • Showcase achievements earned from particular games
  • Showcase their rarest achievements
  • Showcase their favourite games

and a whole lot more. Just open up Steam and see what you can do with your profile.

Meanwhile, the Roblox profile is quite bland. You just fill in the blanks, there’s not a lot of manual control, personalization is too limited!!! On Roblox, you can’t even give your profile a publicly visible theme (i.e. maybe something as simple like a red color theme to it that everyone has to see). I think Roblox can learn a lot from Steam. On Steam, I am able to showcase any achievement I want with ease, I feel no issue on Steam while I feel limited on Roblox.


I was using Steam as a good example, not a bad one. They’ve done a great job, Roblox is underbaked with lots they could do.

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