It's a Pizza Party! March Event Sign Ups


Hey Developers,

March is fast approaching, with that in mind we are opening up applications for March’s monthly event, Pizza Party!

What is this Pizza Party? It is going to be an event where everyone gets launchers that shoot out pizzas to one another to win some amazing prizes. And if your game is selected, you as a developer will get an exclusive launcher to give out unique prizes.

We want to get as many games or experiences as as we can to partake in this party. That is right, we are looking for all sorts of games: dancing, social, showcases, or any other kind of Roblox experience. We want to make this a giant pizza party!

Two requirements

  1. You allow gear in your game (or script the launcher yourself)
  2. You can add 4 badges

How the launchers work

There will be 4 different launchers that will be used to shoot out pizza that will reward a catalog prize

  1. A launcher will be given to players that gives out a couple of different pizzas / prizes
  2. A launcher that the developers participating in the event gets that gives out an exclusive pizza / prize
  3. A launcher for Roblox Staff that gives out an exclusive pizza / prize
  4. A launcher for Influencers that gives out an exclusive pizza / prize

Apply Now!
Deadline to apply is by January 31, 2019.

Developer Relations

For more information about how 2019 events will work please see Roblox 2019 Events: Updates, Calendar & More

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Pizza time.

This is an interesting event that hasn’t really been done before. Interested in applying for this, I’ll see before the deadline.


Why do gears need to be allowed in the game as a requirement? Developers could give the launcher gears by themselves without this being necessary.

Most major games don’t support gear, and many of them would hurt gameplay.


Open to non gear games, if you want to script a launcher. :slight_smile:


This is awesome! :star_struck:

I’m sure most games can implement scripts that block all gear but this during the event. I’m happy to make a script if anyone wants it.


Mmmm! One cheese pizza! Good luck to all who apply! :slight_smile:


As much as this is pretty cool, aren’t most gear kinda busted?


No, a lot of them work fine.


Which genres of gear would be allowed for the pizza party places?


This is quite unique and will be super interesting to see in games, excited for this event to begin!


As long as it suits your place, I assume. If it’s a social hangout then social gear. If it’s a fighting game then fighting gear, and so forth.


Did somebody go through a bunch of them and set them up to be filteringenabled? I would’ve thought most older gears, which are a lot, would be broken.


OLD gears are broken almost 100% if they only run in the client. If they rely on a server script then it’s fine. After a certain point they started making them alongside RemoteEvents.


Someone did, I forget their name, but I think that’s only a subset of the total amount of gears, so a large portion probably doesn’t work.


There is also the issue that a lot of older gears look for the Torso instead of the HumanoidRootPart, which causes problems with R15 users.


I’ll refer you to this then.


Whoever came up with this is a KING! This seems so fun, the best event idea in YEARS!


So there’s no actual quest or anything? Its just shooting pizza our of a pizza launcher?


Yup :slight_smile: There will be a grand prize getting x amount prizes, so the user will be on a hunt to find either a dev, influencer, or employee. Not all of them.


Interesting concept. Excited to see how this turns out!