It's a Pizza Party! March Event Sign Ups


How big does the game need to be, I might submit one of my showcases for this event hmmmm


Was this event inspired by the 2008/2010 Egg Drops? The ideas seem quite similar, the same kind of prizes (pizzas/eggs) found in all kinds of games around the platform.


Are the launcher(s) going to be made by Roblox? Can we use them if our game is not open gear?


I think that this is a very interesting idea for an event. I like how Roblox is changing things up from time to time.


This was answered earlier in the post. Also, since the launchers are gear items they will be made by Roblox.


Any experience!!!


@2blox2quit Does the map have to be themed around pizza?


nope but “themes” always help with immersion


Interesting! I can’t participate since I can’t make 4 badges…


Question: are the exclusive pizza / prizes different between developer, staff, and influencers?


Yes and yes if you get selected


This sounds like a very exciting opportunity

Definitely going to apply, the “Party” vibe can be taken in many creative directions


Can we submit a game that is not ready yet but will be before the event?


This sounds amazing! However, I have a few concerns:

The price to create badges is 100 Robux. The total to create four badges is about 400 Robux. I can’t imagine spending that much! But, if I’m selected, I will try my best to create those.

That seems interesting, but why not a hub world to connect the games? Also, there will be a variety of Roblox experiences, like dancing and showcases. What’s the point?

I am considering to apply, but right now, I am in a situation with my account where it might have been hacked. I will apply after I retrieve my account. Anyways, good luck to those applying!


Why do I have a hunch work at a pizza place might get involved in this…

Anyways, might apply later, interesting opportunity.


When the requirement says “You can add 4 badges”, does this mean we have to have $400 Robux and Builders Club, or can a Roblox staff automatically add them to a place that participates in the event?


Seems interesting good luck to everyone who apply. :slight_smile:


So is gear still a requirement or no?


I noticed that Rthro was an option, is it required to be part of this? Our game relies on lots of animations (eating animations) that don’t work too well with the new rigs.


You need to have a system in place to ensure players the event related gear, but allowing other gears is not required. (script a system to give only the required gears instead of enabling gears in game settings)