It's a Pizza Party! March Event Sign Ups


Oh, that makes sense. Other gears tend to be game-breaking though.


Seems like a very fun event! :slight_smile:


Looks like a fun event!
Excited to see which games will be featured.


Looks like a really cool event. I wish I had a game done right now, would love applying ahah.

I think, this event will be successful, (more than many other events), due to the fact that the game developers directly interacts with players and vice-versa. I’m looking forward to see more events like this one in the future (different though, things have to change).


Interesting event decision! Can’t wait til it releases!


Is it required to have 4 badges, or is it an option to have 4 badges? The wording is throwing me off a bit.


They’re requirements


Sounds like a fun event, I applied! :smiley:


This is a very exciting and definitely a fresh idea for an event. This idea seems really good and I’ll think about it. Good luck to everybody who wants to join! :grinning:


These are the only requirements, everything else is your choice.


This is ideal for the game I have submitted. I use collision filters and already have a launching mechanic for tomatoes, both thrown and out of a cannon

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Even pineapple pizza? :eyes:


Could this event possibly open up the mesh and texture communities to have an opportunity to shine by submitting items for the event?


I don’t believe badges require BC to make, just the robux


I came up with a great idea just as I submitted my application. Hope I am selected!


English isn’t my native language. What do you mean by “launcher”? Is it a weapon or a machine ( like a gear dropper from different tycoon :d)

sorry :sweat_smile:


A launcher is just something that shoots out another object (for example, this launcher “launches” or fires books and apples).


This is actually a great event to bring the community together! Great job!


no need to apologize…good question! I like posatta’s reply above. :slight_smile: