It's a Pizza Party! March Event Sign Ups


Click the “Apply now!” link in the original post which goes to:


Will sign up today! It sound’s fun!


You can make your own launcher instead. They might provide one.


Ok, thanks!


Sounds like an amazing idea for an event! I hope to be a part of this!


Can we submit a game that is not ready for a will be before the event


Regarding the launchers in this specific event, everyone gets a launcher based upon whether they are an influencer, ROBLOX staff, developer of the event or a regular player.

I got a question worth asking as many people may refer this to Egg Hunts because of the launchers. Will the launchers for this event be sold on the catalog like the Eggmin Launchers were? I am asking this because the Eggmin Launchers were sold on the catalog for those to buy and help out the community on getting the prizes. Like in the Egg Hunt events, some people found it hard to join people with the launchers and that is why selling it on the catalog made it possible for them to get a prize.Though, I feel that part wasn’t pointed out so I figured it would be worth asking to make things clear.


I own a roleplay restaurant group with around 63k members, and we’ve never really had anything like this before, I signed up though. Can’t wait to hear the results! (:slight_smile:


I’m really confused on what happens when your game is chosen.

Also, if we don’t accept gear in our game then we have to code and create the model for the launcher ourselves? Why can’t we just be given the launcher/s that those who allow gear will get?

Will games that are chosen be promoted? If so how?


A great event!
It’s really nice to see there are events like this one. :pizza: :heart_eyes:


It isn’t really a requirement; you can script the launcher yourself if preferred.


I’m aware, 2blox2quit edited the post after my reply to clarify.


I do believe he just means script it into the game, not the functionality. From my understanding they will provide launchers for the games chosen.

Whoops, meant to reply to @oryRBX


Thanks for clearing that up for me.


Of course.


Can the pizza party theme just be in one round within a game that supports tons of round of different modes? (An example of this would be Epic Minigames)


darn i can’t afford badges


It’s nice to see that there’s finally an event like this.


Looks super neat, and can’t wait. Might be one of the best Roblox events so far!


Only problem I would have, would be to allow gear in my game as it would most likely become chaotic. But I mean it isn’t really a game type that would fit this event anyways.

Nonetheless it seemes like a cool event and I’ll be looking forward to it.