It's a Pizza Party! March Event Sign Ups


My account could have been hacked, and I am trying to get it resolved. Could I still apply, even while my account is hacked?


If I were to make a scripted launcher, would the projectile need to award a badge that the prize is linked to? is that how this will work?


I like the focus on more social-based events, excited to see how this turns out!


Allowing gear might hurt gameplay, is it absolutely necessary to have gear?


:pizza: :alarm_clock::exclamation:


How many games are you looking for?


Heads up! If you’re allowing gear in your place, but are worried about harmful gears, I wrote a little script that will immediately remove some potentially harmful gears from players’ inventories. It only covers gears that are in the Social, Navigation, or Musical categories. You can add a gear to the list by just putting a string with the gear’s tool name (the name that appears in explorer when inserted) into the table in the script. Hope it helps!


this event would be better if they mailed us actual pizzas


I always love events when developers can use launchers. It is so fun to chase them. Good luck to everyone who applies!


I could agree with what you are saying. But having it allowed in the game as a requirement makes me think that it would also be sold in the catalog. That would be my assumption to why.

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Also can we get a leak of what the cannot will look like so we know if it meets our games theme and so it won’t stick out like a sore thumb?


Will there be an event that is similar to this event in the future? I’m currently not looking to apply to this event as I do not have any good public places that I could use however I am looking forward shooting pizzas out of launchers!!!


A game I manage (but do not own, it’s from a group I co-own) can add badges and enable gears if we get accepted. Is this okay? Just wanted to check.

Is it also possible for us to just allow the launcher gears?



Haha, me too! I think this will be a very enjoyable event for that particular reason. I can’t wait to see what exciting games ROBLOX has for this event.


Although I can’t answer for the badges, you can add specific gear to games through the catalog page


I would love to add an entire themed map into my Ro-Trip game to go along with the launcher if I were to be selected.

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Can’t wait to participate as a Player! It’s gonna BE LOTS OF FUN!


How do i apply / more info on scripting the launcher