It's difficult to disable accidental VR in Roblox

As both a developer and a player, it’s difficult to disable unintentional VR in Roblox where I have my headset plugged in, SteamVR is not running, and then Roblox starts in VR anyway.


IIRC the plan to address this was to add an option in the escape menu settings to toggle whether or not Roblox would start in VR, but this has the following problems:

  • The setting is in the wrong device. If I want desktop but start up in VR, I have to put on my headset, turn on a controller, and disable VR from the VR menu. If I want VR but load into desktop, I need to take off my headset and use the PC to enable VR mode

  • If I’m frequently switching between VR/non-VR, the benefits of the escape menu setting become non-useful because I’m still having to take action most times I start up Roblox

  • While this solves the pain of having accidental VR over, and over, and over again, it makes the first case even worse since I double the amount of times I join the game to specify which VR mode I use. As mentioned in the previous bullet, this “first time” could be every time if I’m constantly switching between VR modes.


My experience would be mostly fine if Roblox automatically determined whether to start up in VR mode based on whether vrmonitor.exe (SteamVR) or equivalent (Oculus) was running or not. I will always open SteamVR manually to make sure I get everything connected properly before playing – if it’s not open, I don’t want to use VR. There is a caveat to this with edit/play solo VR, since just because I have SteamVR open for play solo doesn’t mean I want to use VR in edit mode.


Edit mode is currently always non-VR. We will launch SteamVR if VR in play solo is enabled when you open edit mode if that’s what you mean.

It used to be, but that hasn’t been my experience recently:

Repro steps:

  1. Open Roblox Studio on Windows 10 with Vive plugged in and SteamVR off
  2. Create a new place with Ctrl+N
  3. Studio will hang for some time while it waits for SteamVR to open
  4. Place will finally load in VR mode

I thought this was a feature (i.e. design plugins so you can build in god mode) since Edit mode didn’t used to support VR.

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Huh, I fixed this at least once! @EchoReaper, you’re sure this is happening in the latest release?

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Sorry, the mod manager I’m using is having issues upgrading versions. I was on 304 until just now. Testing in 0.311.0.156626 this issue is not present (Edit: Though SteamVR still opens in Edit mode even though it’s off). Sorry for the inconvenience – I’ve removed the Edit mode -related problems from the OP, so only three of the original five remain.

Yep, that makes sense then. Thanks for clarifying!