I've seen this exact vehicle system in many games, how do I get it?

Hi guys,

I’ve recently been playing Asseto Corsa “No Hesi/ highway rush” type games on ROBLOX, and I’ve come across these games, and they all have the exact car system! take a look! :slight_smile:

All these games as I have stated, share the same vehicle system. I would like to know more about this system as I would like to implement it into my game that I would like to create. Where do I find this system?

I have searched through the toolbox and have found nothing other than the classic ROBLOX A Chassis that has become old boring and hasn’t changed much since ROBLOX introduced it. I Have given up on YouTube searching, this is because not once have i found what i wanted to learn how to create, its all been similar but my skill level isn’t great, and that’s the reason why i never take similar systems and edit them myself. i have a very scarce knowledge of coding and if I am correct that means I don’t know a lot and I don’t know enough. But the best part is, I try my best to make my games, even though not many people play it, and if they do, its usually once.

Please someone help me out, id appreciate it thank you :slight_smile:


I think they use A-Chassis
Here’s a tutorial on how to use it:

it doesnt say anything about what i want

It’s not about the article, its about A-Chassis itself. I recommend you try A-Chassis.

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I understand, problem is, (if you’ve played it before you would know of this), the animations in the games, are detailed but yet simple, the movements for changing gears, noticeable foot movements for accelerating, Clutch use, and brakes, 1 hand steering movements including steering wheel movement, FOV even the the way the cars act while accelerating and changing gears. Maybe understanding the A - Chassis itself will help, like you said, ill let you know where i get too, but i wont be working on this side of my project until later as i am sorting some issues out with the menu. :slight_smile:

They all use a-chassis. I recommend a plugin called [rccbay] driver animations v3. That makes shifting animations and steering animations as well as pedal movement

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Thank you I actually found it already.