Jack O' Lanterns! - Pumpkin Modelling with Blender


Thanks so much for making this! I used it to make free prize pumpkins for my game. It was lots of fun :smiley:


*used it to hit front page of the models catalog
jk lol

if you want, you could add the link to this tutorial to the description of those pumpkins, your choice :slight_smile:


lol its a tutorial you made so they can do this. its pretty cool seeing them use your tutorial then get to the front page of models or whatever you made


yea ik


Yeah sure totally! :smiley: (Had no idea that many players would take them though)


yeah, congrats on that front page though!


Amazing tutorial. As a person who rarely uses blender, I can say that this tutorial is simple to follow.
we need to be able to give more than one like per post


bump because its that time of year again!! :jack_o_lantern:


got spooky virus


Great tutorial but sadly not compatible with the Mac version of blender. All of the hotkeys are different. Once I figure out how to find out the controls for Mac I’ll post a photo of my pumpkin :stuck_out_tongue:


I would try this

…if I knew how blender worked


Hey Ash. I love this old tutorial. Happy early Halloween, big guy.


Very nice tutorial!


My Alt+Shift Keybind is broken on blender


I made these pumpkins a few weeks ago, not too bad.


Cool! :+1:


Thanks for putting this up!
I could create the pumpkin, but the face part rather confused me.
But yay! Now I can make Jack-O-Lanterns with ease! :smiley:


Please, have mercy on those of us with arachnophobia.