Jack O' Lanterns! - Pumpkin Modelling with Blender


hey guys
since its october and whatnot ive decided to make my very first devforums tutorial

devs are out here spookifying their games so im here to help with that process by teaching you nerds how to make a pumpkin in blender and carving it out


blender professionals may disagree with my methods but im gonna teach you guys how to make a pumpkin my way

step 1: open blender
everyone should see something like this

cool! now what?

step 2: delete everything in the scene
we dont really need all this so might as well delete it
select objects with right click and press X to delete em

step 3: spawn in a UV sphere
dont deselect anything, and right below that menu change the number of segments to 30

step 4: go into top ortho
to do this, press Numpad 7 and press Numpad 5 right after
this brings you into top ortho view

step 5: pumpkin detail
press tab to go into edit mode
hold ALT and SHIFT while right clicking columns of the sphere with two lines of space between them
it should look like this

now what you wanna do is exit top ortho (by doing the exact same thing mentioned in step 4, numpad 7 and 5) and middle mouse click to position your camera

to make the actual detail, press S and move your mouse so the lines go inward
and finish it off by pressing CTRL + E and clicking Mark Sharps (thanks @JadeFIames)

step 6: shaping the pumpkin
you might be asking
this isnt a pumpkin!
this looks like a pinata!!!
what is this?
0/10 terrible tutorial

relax we still need to shape the pumpkin
press O to enable proportional editing and right click the top vertex

by scrolling your mouse to change the strength of the proportional editing, use the blue arrow to squash the pumpkin up, do the same for the bottom vertex

step 7: adjusting the pumpkin
press O again and exit proportional editing
now you can go into object mode and press S to scale the pumpkin to your liking
use the keys X, Y, Z to scale it on the X/Y/Z axis

step 8: edge split modifier
this is where those sharps we marked earlier come in handy
go into the modifier tab and select the edge split modifier

and then change the shading to smooth

it’ll end up like this

step 9: the stem

aight now what u wanna do is move ur camera to the top of the pumpkin and press C to use the circle select tool. this makes it easier to select all of em

now press I to make a similar shape within that shape

press E to extrude that out of the pumpkin

now make edge loops that’ll help us in curving this out, which you can do by pressing Ctrl + R

now select the top again and press alt + m and merge it all to the center, which gives it that pointy look

or if you want to, instead of pressing alt + m, press S and then Z, and then 0 to flatten it out and then S again to scale it down like this

(i prefer this way tbh)

select the entire stem in wireframe to make it easier to select, pressing wireframe with the Z key and pressing C for that circle select tool

now press P to separate it from the pumpkin

select the stem in object mode and go back into edit mode
then enable proportional editting again (O) and select the top

now press R and rotate it, making sure that it rotates the rest of the stem

you may have to move vertices with proportional editing to get the result you want

now thats done, combine the stem with the pumpkin by selecting them both in object mode and pressing CTRL + J
(optional: keep the stem and pumpkin separate if you want to import to roblox without the use of vertex paint)

annd thats it for the pumpkin itself.

carving the pumpkin:

step 1: google a pumpkin template
we’ll need this to carve our pumpkin

because i already did this im just gonna go with the roblox default face because why not

step 2: import to blender
now you wanna save that file to your computer. dont think you can just copy paste this into blender, thats not how it works. you gotta actually save the file to your computer

now in blender, press N to reveal another tab
scroll down on that new tab until you see background images
check the mark and add the image of your choice

select your pumpkin and move it to a different layer by selecting it and pressing M, then choosing a layer box

now enter front ortho by pressing numpad 1 and numpad 5, and you should see your picture

step 3: modelling the carve

if you know how to use blender, model this however you want
if not, you’re stuck with my weird way of modelling 2D objects

  • spawn in a plane
  • go into edit mode
  • select vertex mode in edit mode
  • alt + m and merge to center

now you have this one tiny vertex

extrude this with E and basically trace around your shape
when you come to a stop, like this:
select the two vertices and merge

to clone a vertex, select a vertex and press shift + d

repeat this until you have your entire pumpkin traced out

you should end up with something like this

lets bring the pumpkin back by entering the layer we put it in and moving it back to layer one using the same step

go back into front ortho and position your carve onto the pumpkin



you may need to adjust the size of your pumpkin so that it doesnt look weird, especially resizing it on the Z axis

alright thats it for modelling the carve

step 4: carving the carve:
“ash!! that last step was literally useless i could’ve just boolean’d all of it ur trash at these tutorials”

ok but like i said this at the beginning of the tutorial:
"blender professionals may disagree with my methods but im gonna teach you guys how to make a pumpkin my way"

anyway, we’re gonna be using knife project, which is way cooler than boolean

  1. select the carve

  2. hold shift and select the pumpkin
    enter edit mode on the pumpkin (TAB)

  3. go into front ortho and click Knife Project

now delete your carving and go into edit mode onto your pumpkin

Whao!!! Magic!!!
all thats left is selecting your carving on the pumpkin

and extruding inwards on the Y axis (press Y after pressing E to extrude on Y axis)

boom carved

if you deciding on seperating your stem and pumpkin to export both parts into roblox, skip this part
if you wanna import into roblox with just one meshpart without using UV maps, continue reading

  • separate the stem again by right clicking anywhere on the stem and pressing L, following by pressing P to separate it

  • select the pumpkin and go into vertex paint mode

choose an orange color and change the radius to a bigger number

now P A I N T

  • pro tip: press Z while painting to see it more clearly

  • select the stem and do the same process, except green

now merge both parts (Ctrl + J) and call it a day


and we’re done !
not really, we’re gonna continue off in studio
time to import into roblox

how 2 import

  • file > export > fbx
    very important look:
    make sure u check selected objects and the scale is low like 0.10

  • choose a folder, name the file, and click that button

now import it into roblox by inserting a meshpart and opening the file from there
you should give it a white color to make sure the colors dont seem faded

cool its imported
how to light it up and stuff?

  • insert a part and insert a special mesh within that part, and set it to a sphere

  • resize the sphere within the pumpkin

  • set it to neon with a bright orange color

  • scale it down


and thats all there is to it

i hope you learned from this tutorial!

happy halloween and have fun spookifying your games !






Pretty good tutorial on making pumpkins

that pumpkin is screaming oof tho


please dont bring that meme in here the default face is too precious to be taken over by that oof meme


I think you forgot that tutorials are in the public section of the forum. Tone down the speech.


im surprised @EchoReaper wasnt the first one to catch that


It’s a good tutorial, if I used blender.


does this tutorial also work for pumpkins that are a slightly different color of orange?



u can make ur pumpkins any color idk what ur talkin about


Spooky faic! Great tutorial!


Helpful tutorial to make pumpkins in blender, good job man. :smiley:


noice, pretty easy to follow through for even first time blender users


I believe it doesn’t, I’m not too sure though


Dang! Can anyone help me make a pumpkin with the hex code #f76e13?


sphere pls just click this and enter the hex code


I will not sleep tonight.

Good tutorial though :smiley:


You should make YouTube tutorials. Please.


sorry sir im not @Spooks_HD