Jailbreak Nukes System - (Open Source) + [ServerSide + Craters]

Ahh still really cool. Good Work!

Thank you. I think the title is confusing you.

It’s really awesome !

ps : its not auto clicker friendly :confused:

It is most definitely not but I have not tried it with one. My computer is fine.

I would suggest you to move this topic to the #resources:community-resources channel where it fits, so that your post doesn’t get removed.

Concerning the system, it actually looks really well made. Carry On !

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Is it not cool enough to be here plus idk why or how to do that or if I want to.

No don’t get me wrong, i tried it out and it absolutely looks cool but what i’m saying is the other channel is more appropriate as it is used for open sourced work. The cool creations channel is mostly for feedback & showcase related topics. I invite you to read this topic where it explains more in depth what i’m trying to say.

“If your creation is significant and is open-source, please use Resources instead!”

You have not shown me how to move it

Try clicking on the “edit” button, and change the channel of your topic.

It is Left-Click to use I did put it in thread but people like to scroll.

I have now Updated an added sound.

Great resource! The nukes are so smooth and all!

Thanks so much and they are super smooth almost like real life.

Made the game updated forgot to do that before.

Very very cool! It is also very smooth really awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks nice though I think I did something lol


Thanks took a long time to do. Made them serverside + craters now.

Maybe add some debounce?
Also great work with the crater system.

Debounce where? I assume you mean like local Debounce = false? Thanks, uses FireAllClients()

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I have discovered that the nuke doesnțt work with mobile :confused: