JayR | Mid Poly Builder

Hi there! My name is JayR, and I’m offering my services as a builder. I’ve been building since 2018, and I started playing Roblox around mid 2016 to early 2017. I’m a perfectionist who is capable of building in just about any style/theme, but detailed and modern builds are my strength.

Listed below are some of the best examples of my work. Click on the arrows to view them!

Small Builds

Medium Builds

Large Builds

Note: These examples may be subject to change.

Due to the spontaneity of school and life, I do not have a set schedule. I work for as long as I can, when I can.

Current Availability: Open

Just so we are in complete agreement, I’ll need you to read the terms of service below.

  1. You will pay me before I give you the build and you must provide proof of payment.
  1. I will not take percentages as payment.
  1. I do not provide refunds.
  1. I have the right to deny or cancel an order.
  1. I will make changes to the build(s) upon request, but if the changes are made after the build is completed, and if they become excessive, I will charge extra.
  1. When it comes to small builds, I charge per asset, not per order.
  1. I will not build anything containing horror or gore. Likewise, I will not build anything for a game containing horror/gore.

My preferred method of payment is PayPal, but I do accept Robux. For the most part, I base my prices on the requested attention to detail; the higher the level of detail, the higher the price. There are some basic guidelines (see below), but they are negotiable based on the size, quality, and time spent on the build(s).

Small Build: 750 - 3,000 Robux | 4 - 10 USD

Medium Build: 5,000 - 15,000 Robux | 25 - 50 USD

Large Build: 20,000 - 50,000 Robux | 50 - 100 USD

Note: If you are paying in Robux, you must pay the 30% tax.

I do not have any form of contact other than the Developer Forum; we will only be able to communicate via direct messages here on the Forum. Expect contact within 48 hours.


@Dev_JayR is one of the best builders I know! He is incredibly talented and he’s an amazing friend. If you want great mid poly builds, this is the person to hire! :grin:


defiantly will when i get enough B O B U X bc did you see thet AXE


Wait i just remembered your the guy who made the hover board now i am gonna recommend you when i get friends


Hey there! I am thinking of starting building (still composing just composing isn’t paying well lately and builders get paid fairly well I hear)
Any tips for learning a low poly style?
Sorry for bothering.

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You are no bother friend! Would you like me to send you a DM and give you some tips there? We could get more in-depth. :slight_smile:

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Sure! If its not to much trouble of course!
Edit: your really awesome! One your really good at this, and two, your willing to give tips. I have asked other builders and they did that thing of: naaaa
Cause they wanted to wipe out potential competition. It’s really cool how you are willing to help other devs out! :slight_smile:

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would you be interested in joining my team?

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