Jittery behaviour with my smooth damp module?

So recently, I’ve tried adding a smooth damp function from unity into roblox. The original source of this method can be found on their github for the following methods I’ve tried porting over:


Just to be clear, these are all from the mathf class which is responsible for floats and integers, not vectors.

I also had some help from Sleitnick’s github to refine some of my code. More specifically, SmoothDamp.lua to make sure that they work on my game, so in essence, my code is very similar to theirs except his methods are used to dampen vectors, mine are used to dampen floats. The following is the module i’ve made:

local SmoothDamp = {}
SmoothDamp.__index = SmoothDamp

function SmoothDamp.new()
	return setmetatable(
			MaxSpeed = math.huge;
			_update = time();
			_velocity = 0
		}, SmoothDamp

local function DeltaAngle(current, target)
	local delta = ((target - current) % 6.2831853072)
	if (delta > 6.2831853072) then
		delta -= 6.2831853072
	return delta

function SmoothDamp:SmoothDampF(current, target, smoothTime)
	local currentVelocity = self._velocity
	local now = time()
	local deltaTime = (now - self._update)
	smoothTime = math.max(0.0001, smoothTime)
	local omega = 2 / smoothTime
	local x = (omega * deltaTime)
	local exp = (1 / (1 + x + 0.48 * x * x + 0.235 * x * x * x))
	local change = current - target
	local originalTo = target
	local maxChange = self.MaxSpeed * smoothTime
	local change = math.clamp(change, -maxChange, maxChange)
	target = current - change
	local temp = ((currentVelocity + omega * change) * deltaTime)
	currentVelocity = ((currentVelocity - omega * temp) * exp)
	local output = (target + (change + temp) * exp)
	if ((originalTo - current) > 0.0) == (output > originalTo) then
		output = originalTo
		currentVelocity = (output - originalTo) / deltaTime
	self._velocity = currentVelocity
	self._update = now
	return output

function SmoothDamp:SmoothDampAngleF(current, target, smoothTime)
	return self:SmoothDampF(current, (current + DeltaAngle(current, target)), smoothTime)

return SmoothDamp

and this is the usage:

local smoothDampMod = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.SmoothDampAlgorithm)
smooth = smoothDampMod.new()


while wait() do
	script.Parent.CFrame = CFrame.new(smooth:SmoothDampF(script.Parent.CFrame.Position.X, script.Parent.CFrame.Position.X + 20, 3), 0, 0)

This script is attached to a part.

And this… is the result…

This may literally just be a case of me forgetting something but I have no clue what I’ve actually done wrong. I think I’ve managed to trace the problem down to the SmoothDampF method but I’m still at a complete loss. Can I get some help?

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Its a shame no one replied to this. Did you ever figure it out? Been looking for a recreation of Unity’s Smooth Damp feature for player movement/vehicle movement.

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Unfortunately no, I also stopped working on that project. However, I did use lerp as an alternative successfully but that was for the camera, not for vehicles or players :frowning: