Join button on the "Chat & Party" panel result in a "game restricted" message

I have a game with multiple places. Am having problems when I have a friend on this game playing in a place that is not the start place. When I try to join my friend using the join button on the chat & party panel, I get a “restricted game” message.

brings me to this,

This is a diagram on how the game looks when I try to join my friend.

It seems like this way of joining a friend does not work properly. If you use the follow button on your friend’s profile it brings you to the starting place of the game like normal. I tested this with a friend who was having this problem. The problem happens to both of us.

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This issue seems to be resolved and game gets joined with no error message from chat & party panel using ‘Join’ button as tested with 0.345.0.219036 production.

I tested this again and I still get the error message. I had the game’s page open on my computer when I got my friend to join the game and then got him to the “other place”. I then clicked join and I actually joined the game’s start place. However, I found that my FollowUserId’s property was set to 0 instead of my friend’s id. I kept rejoining him through the Party & Chat join button but I continued to have the FollowUserId property set to 0. I then refreshed the page and selected join again. But then I just got the “game restricted” error message.
The join button seems to do two diffrent things,

  1. lets you join the game but acts like the game page "Play" button.
  2. Gives you a "game restricted" message.

Am wondering if you tested this bug and ran into result number 1 like I did.

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I reported the same issue, I haven’t tested yet if it has been fixed since then: Joining from profile doesn’t join the same place as in chat and home page in multi-place games

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