Jojo stand moving system

Hi, im trying to figure out how the stands are being moved so smoothly in popular jojo games like aut, yba or not so popular abd, im not asking for any code, i want to see some tips or ideas how it could be done.

High chance its tweenservice for smoothness.

my problem is that i would need to replicate it for the smoothnes and it cross my plans of having hitboxes on stand’s arms

Since tweenservice doesn’t use physics, you could use align position instead.

i tried and there is next problem then, whenever i weld something to stand’s arms the networkownerchanges and it becomes crappy

Did you decide to use constraint welds?

no i never did it (safwafsafwafaagw)

Do you set the welds through script, or they’re already set before hand?

every time im creating new welds in script for the hitbox

Couldn’t you just set the network owner back?

it would be annoying for longer time, i would preffer to find the way to not affect stands networkowner

You can really just use BasePart:SetNetworkOwner(plr)

If you want to change the position manually then you can use lerping.

are there any other ways than alignposition, lerping, tweening and animations? i want to be sure that there is no other way to move it smooth before im gonna choose the way i do it

I’m not sure if there are any other ways, lerping seems like the best bet for you.

the lerping is not that smooth on server ive tested it already, the best are animations for me but they are not working for LMB that great

Are you sending a remoteevent to lerp on server?

yeah i tested lerping and tweening on the server cus of my hitboxes on arms, i know they would be smooth when fired to all clients

Sending a remoteevent causes a delay, thus making it not smooth. I suggest naming the stands the name of the player, making it so you can easily get the player in the server.

the delay is not making it not smooth it just delays the start of lerping and its not a problem for me