JOKER: The Game main menu & other UI system plans

I have first planned this out on a sheet of notebook paper, then recreated it onto studio. Is there anything I can improve upon to make the main menu stand out more to the player and/or watcher? The background with the stairs scene is temporarily there, I haven’t finished recreating the original stairs from New York yet so once it’s completed, it’ll be set as the new background scenario to give it a more Roblox-feel to it.

The headers (or options) on the right side of the screen is just a layout of what and where the options would be placed at. The white lines are the dividers that separates the options from one another, those that are semi-transparent are locked so the player cannot access it until they’ve started the game or finished the game, etc.



Although I am having problems with licensed music from the original movie and other things neccessary to the entire vibe that the game will be giving off, what would be the best alternative or solution to go around this?


I like the idea. Simple and effective. As for the music, I would suggest hiring a composer to create similar styled music to produce a similar vibe and avoid copyright issues.

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I’ve been thinking about hiring a composer too but I’m on a low-budget here since most of composers here on Roblox requires some type or sort of payment to do so.

I’d recommend getting someone that’s experienced with creating music. There are people I know which just asks for the music YouTube link or whatever the music is stored at, then they can do the exact same style, but original without getting you copyrighted.

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I noticed the Warner-Brothers and DC Logo in the bottom right corner, having those on your UI could get you in some trouble for copyright.


Is there any other way I could credit them for the original idea without putting their logos in the game?

I would be cautious while making this game due to copyright issues. Also I’m wondering if this kind of game would be appropriate for Roblox due to it being based on a rated R movie that is quite violent.

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Yeah, I’m kind of concerned about the amount of gore and violence involved in the actual movie which is why I’m switching up things a bit to reduce the amount of gore involved.

I’m wondering, why do you want to make this game?

I found it inspirational to make a game based off of a new movie before other games about it starts to appear, similar to how Bendy and the Ink Machine was recreated onto Roblox then shut down for copyright complaints by the DMCA & other games that experienced the same issues, i.e. Pokemon Brick Bronze

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You might want to make this game appropriate for roblox and to where it doesn’t violate TOS, considering the joker is a pretty violent movie. But I’m glad to see someone make a game based off the Joker movie. You should be concerned about copyright as well though.

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Would getting consent from the original studio of the movie to make a game that revolves around it be a possibility?

You could try but the likely hood of them even responding is low. If they do respond, it would probably be a no. If by some chance they said yes, you would probably have to sign paperwork and they take a cut of the money but I doubt it would even reach that part.

I see, did the same issue happen with the Universal Theme Parks & Resorts group on Roblox as well?

Well if you considered doing that there’s a very slim chance of them actually looking at your e-mail, like @Badandy11 said there would be paperwork involved, but I don’t think it will come to that because of the very slim chance of them answering or seeing the e-mail.

Mm, okay. If they end up responding to my request as a “no” or not even opening it, would I still be able to keep the movie title but change the soundtracks used or would I have to change the entire thing that closely resembles with the JOKER movie?

To stay safe, you could use the title possibly. But I’d recommend changing the whole game entirely so it doesn’t resemble closely with the official movie so you could stay away from the possibility of getting you and your game terminated.
Edit: It doesn’t have to be changed “entirely” like I stated previously, but you’d definitely have to change it up at least a little bit to avoid getting copyright striked.

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The word Joker doesn’t inherently mean the movie title, could just be the noun. Though if you use their characters, that could be seen as using their property. It’s hard to say, I think the safest bet is making your own original concept that could be based on the movie but with your own characters, story, and world.


Hiring a composer to make music that is familiar to the JOKER movie would be a good choice so you don’t get copyright striked.

Alright, one last thing: would slowing down the original soundtrack (in this case, or simply changing the speed still be considered as copyright?