Jump Mania (Not out jet)

What is this Game ?

This is a Simple Game where you have to beat “Mini-Obby’s”, If you will beat one of the “Mini-Obby” you will doesn’t get any reward like Badge, It is like Test of your skill or it is a Challenge. (Maybe you will get something in a Game but Badge’s are not there bcs I doesn’t have Robux.)

When “Jump Mania” will be out ?

I can’t tell the date when It will be out, It is Hard to build a long ‘‘Mini-Obby’’ with some traps what are little Hard, I’m Developing Game almost everyday to get ‘‘Jump Mania’’ until Christmas.

What you should expect from “Jump Mania” ?

You should expect a ‘‘Mini-Obby’s’’ with tricky traps (I hope they will be tricky bcs I was trying my Best on it.) I was trying to make a little bit Hard “Mini-Obby’s”, When Game will be Out maybe there will be missing some Good thing’s like Shop,GUI,Animation’s this thing’s will be added soon when I will learn them.

If I found a Bug/Glitch what I should do ?

If you will found a Bug/Glitch in Game, please Message on Roblox or on Roblox Developer Forum. I’m there most Online (almost all day) so if you will Message me I will see it.

  • If you want see the place, click on the link down.