Just a quick question about ChatFiltering

Alright so I am making a game with a custom chat system. Am I allowed to have my chat unfiltered, read only for my self only? and maybe my development team. We won’t be aloud to send unfiltered messages because its read only. The unfiltered text is never sent to any other clients. The check is done server side with userid white list so it wont be compromised either.

I heard that the moderators log in on the owner of the games account to check non-chat filtering claims should I have a disclaimer displayed for my account for the moderators to see? or a pin code lock plus white-list to toggle it?

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If it’s just for you, it doesn’t need to be filtered. Once you start bringing other people into it, it has to be filtered.

So no team members who help make the game?

No, just like how team create chat is filtered. Just use an external chat program.

Fair enough.

I’d still filter the chat for myself, my game was taken down for not doing this.

Really? They’ve said in the past you don’t need to filter what you show to the player that wrote it.

It sounds like there’s a misunderstanding here.

Correct, but this is not what @Voltoxus or @GammaShock mean!

I’m pretty sure what they mean is that they would see all chats unfiltered. By “my self”, they literally mean themselves, not players in general.

That’s not allowed. You cannot program exceptions to filtering per-user. No user is allowed to see the unfiltered chats of any other user.

You don’t have to filter a player’s message when showing the message to themselves. When that player’s messages reaches any other player, including the development team, it must be filtered.

It even has to be filtered if you show the message to the same player in a new session.


Pretty sure I’ve heard it needs to be filtered for any sort of input

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My game uses a custom chat system and I just have the server filter the message appropriately for each player and then send them to their clients, including the person who sent the message. It’s better to have the sender wait to receive their own message than script the chat system to automatically add it to the sender’s chat window unfiltered.

Do you have a link to any official statement on this?

Here is a link to the Comunity Rules. https://en.help.roblox.com/hc/en-us/articles/203313410-Roblox-Community-Rules
Go to Section II. Additional Rules for Developers
Then 1. Building your game
There you can find all the filtering information


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If you are a full member, you can find all of these posts by searching group:roblox_staff filter. I have all of these bookmarked, and I found one or two through that search to make sure I had everything relevant. I’ve quoted some of these into public sections before too, so the information is available even if you’re not a full member if you use the right search terms in the right places.

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I wonder if you have to filter something you send though a http request to another site to log it. I am not sure if this is allowed.