Karen at the store

I made this in under 10 minutes.This is similar to some of my other builds, usually depicting a random scene of something from real life or imagination.

Whatcha think?

[you might have to open in new tab for better resolution xd]


lmao I love this so much (30 cHaRaCtErS)

This is amazing, I want to see more of this, it’s super funny and it is very accurate.

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a masterpiece 30 chars 30 chars

If you noticed the picture of the karen in the background, I was warned because “it was a personal photo” even though it’s everywhere on google, specifically this one

We need to make a gallery dedicated to this beautiful artwork.

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That’s hilarious. But I’d suggest billboard GUIs so that what is being said is more easily readable.


Use BillBoardGuis instead of naming humanoids for a cleaner effect.Texture everything and make the lighting a bit more realistic. Make the guard/clerk look like he is reasoning with the mother rather than acting insecure and shy. It would be hilarious that, instead of the kid in a fort of toilet paper, the toilet paper went as high as the ceiling in one large tower and the mom had to lean to the side or the tower from behind to talk to the guard/clerk! The kid should also be smaller than the mom and be wearing kid-like clothes. These things would make this even more of a masterpiece!

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Could have been made cleaner, with BillBoardGuis. But over all pretty good job!

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That’s A M A Z I N G

Haha! You got me laugh for this. This is what people can steal other toilet paper, that’s funny and that’s a nice build you got there. :laughing::+1:

it is absolutely beautiful. it is art

You NEED to make a series on this. An idea is maybe comic style, wait…a Realistic Roblox Comic?

Haha! I want to see more of this! Thanks for making my day! :slightly_smiling_face:

So funny! Keep up the good work!

I really like this play. You need to make more.