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Hello there, I am q_Kvte, (Kate or iiKacieeii) and I am a GFX Artist and I’ve been doing GFXs for about 1 year. Although I’ve done GFXs for a while, I’m still quite new to DevForums. I will try to provide my time to do some amazing work for y’all. I hope ya have a great day. Thanks for coming to my portfolio!

What do you use for making your graphics and render ?

  • I use Blender 2.80 for rendering GFX and for the edits I use Photoshop CS6 2019.

How long does it take for you to complete your GFX?

  • It depends on how many characters there are in the GFX, the amount of GFXs I need to make, and whether or not the GFX is simple or hard.

Group Funds or by T-Shirt (T-shirt must cover the 30% tax fee.)
I preferably like my payments to be in Group Funds, whenever, my Premium expires.

Possibly by Percents %

  • Icons: 200-400 (R$)

  • Profile Pictures: 300 (R$)

  • Thumbnails: 600 - 800 (R$)

  • Ads: 150-200/per Ad (R$)



Profile Pictures





I am available from Monday to Friday from 4:00 pm CDT to 6:30 pm CDT, (Saturday, 12 pm CDT - 7 pm CDT)

  • Discord - Kate!!#5336
  • Devforum - q_Kvte

You have some really nice work here!


Thank you! my most recent work was the Naruto Vs. Sasuke, which i finished today, the others are old, so I’ve improved a lot.


Im a bit fan of anime so the naruto one was my favourite :slight_smile:


Indeed. I watched all of its episodes in a week or 2

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Not a bad time at all I would hate to watch all 200 episodes of fillers in 2 weeks lol.

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Very good at her job, and is always on time.
She can get the job done quickly and how you like it/want it.
Would recommend her to do your gfx 10/10


Awesome at her job! Made me an awesome logo in no time, at a super cheap price compared to other people. On top of that you can trust her!

10/10 you should hire her right now


Amazing work!
10/10 would recommend hiring! :cowboy_hat_face:

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