Keep the Collaboration category for a longer time period or just keep both (Talent Hub & Collaboration)

A lot of developers aren’t happy with Talent Hub and neither am I. I like the collaboration category but the Talent Hub isn’t really appealing nor do I feel like scrolling through the Talent Hub. There’s no place to show your work except link a game (as far as I’ve seen). So it would be really nice to keep the collaboration category. Keeping the collaboration category open and keeping the Talent Hub would be benefiting all the developers (those who like talent hub and collaboration).


I find your opinion about the decision interesting, but why would you assume that most developers would be happy without the Talent Hub? From what I know, very few people have had access to the Talent Hub.

I would say that before you judge the Talent Hub too quickly, see how it turns out when it released to the public :slight_smile:

I think it’s already released to the public, they just haven’t removed the collaboration category yet.

Also, the Talent Hub is a change for the better. Yes, it will have somewhat limited features at the start but as time moves on, it will get better and better. When you evaluate all the pros and cons about the talent hub, you will see that there are more pros than there are cons.

I’m afraid it is not released to the public. Look:

I agree with this but I also agree with @ValiantWind. I agree with you because there have been topics before that have resulted in the Collaboration category’s deletion being postponed for a month, at that time, now to October 1 (which is less than a week away). I feel like they should postpone it to later date as well because there are still features and the collaboration page feels much more better and suitable than the talent hub. The reason I agree with Val is because he’s made a fair point that most people don’t have full access to the talent hub so you don’t really know how good or bad it may be. Overall, in my opinion, they should postpone it a little more until people that do have access are somewhat more happy to use the talent hub.

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It’s released to the active people on DevForum.

Yes, but that does not include everyone. As what is said in I took today, it is available to a limited number of people.

The talent hub is great for getting hired and a potential way to ensure your not getting scammed, The talent hub is NOT a replacement for portfolios and hiring posts, I don’t understand how ROBLOX thinks they can replace one thing with something completely different, Talent hub needs better hiring posts and better (Forum like) portfolios before I would even use it. (also I do have a talent hub page already so I know what its like to use)

I’m definitely not a fan, and even though a decent amount of devs want more stuff in talent hub first, Roblox will release it and ignore us.

I think my biggest issue is the fact Roblox didn’t think about UI designers and GFX designers even though that’s a job type, We cant post images, Just links to specific places. There’s a few major oversights/features it needs, And I want to clarify, I DO like the idea of a talent hub, I don’t like the current state and how Roblox is gearing up for release already.


I just wish I could see the Talent Hub for myself so I could give my own opinion. For now, I have to rely on others’ opinions.

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Heres some screenshots

Sorry about the quality, I zoomed out so you could see more.

That’s pretty much it, A find creators page, A job post page and a creator page. No portfolios just “experience” without the ability to add images, edit fonts, add code snippets, etc. There’s not enough for a full release and Roblox didn’t think the experience section through very well.

Don’t worry, I could see it clearly.

Thanks for the screenshots. I understand what you’re saying more.

Its stunning that they’re missing all these features.

Well, I’ve changed my opinion. If we can’t post portfolios in the Talent Hub, then we should definitely keep the Collaboration Category. Especially since you can add any images or code snippets.


That’s why everyone who has access to it still choses to use the dev forum more often.


I agree. It feels as if Roblox doesn’t trust you to send things that you can on DevForum like images and such; me having talent hub, I completely agree with you.


Would it be better if they added a trust system like they did with the DevForums too?

If they allowed people to actually send stuff like images and have the liberty of writing anything on your profile it would be a little better. But I don’t think the talent thing is going to be popular at all, there’s still many features needed to be added and personally I’d prefer the collaboration page because the talent hub and the collaboration page are completely different things as described by Bred.


They do, just in a very roundabout way via markdown. They said that they will add a convenient button to upload stuff like in discourse.

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I support this. We can’t use talent hub currently without it having certain key features. It just feels limited and kind of closed environment, where you can’t search for good creators.

My proposal is to postpone the closing of #collaboration only when it has few of the essential features requested in #feature-requests:talent-hub-features.


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Wait, the whole collaboration section getting shut down? I thought it was just recruitment?

The entire Collabortation Section will be removed and its getting replaced by the Talent Hub


I said this based on the recent development discussion threads about the collaboration category and the Talent Hub. A lot of people in this discussion aren’t happy about the Talent Hub replacing collaboration.

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