Keeping rectangular UI on tablet

I’m having trouble with this UI being rectangular on PC and mobile (how I want it) but square on tablet. I know it’s to do with tablets screen ratios being more even, but is there some sort of UI constraint that forces a specific shape?


I just don’t like how square it looks :confused:

I don’t see a difference… 30chars

Tablet UI is clearly more squared than the PC

You can look at this: UI Resizing Based on Device Resolution and this GUI's changing size in different resolutions (just check the solutions)

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Just use a UIAspectRatioConstraint, it keeps the shape the same in all platforms. Make sure the anchor point is in 0.5,0.5 so that it stays in the same position. There’s a plugin that does it automatically:


UIAspectRatioConstraint is the perfect tool for this, as the previous post says. And the plugin he is referring to is:

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Just to add on, if you want to do this manually, just get the ratio you want by taking the absolute x size and divide it by the absolute y size. That is the ratio you use for a UIAspectRatioConstraint.

It doesn’t really need a plugin but I guess the utility is there.