Keeping Your Game Safe From “Viruses”

Hi, I’m @RuizuKun_Dev

Wanna keep your Game safe?

Sure I’ll tell you how!

First of all What are “Viruses”?

Well, they are any Script that negatively impacts your Game, even tho sometimes they don’t even work and very poorly Scripted, or basically “Unwanted trash”

The first and foremost step you can take is use this particular Plugin

Since the beginning of my Roblox journey I’ve installed this, it’s been working very well so far and even tho it is not maintained nor updated it still works quite well.

The second step is very Simple and arguably more effective than the first when done right;

You use the Search bar and type Script then look for anything suspicious, most of the time I just use the Command Bar to delete ALL BaseScripts that are not mine,

Here is the Script
for _, v in ipairs(workspace:GetDescendants()) do
if v:IsA(“BaseScript”) then

(sorry for the bad format, I’m on Mobile)

Make sure to use this code with caution and commonsense as it will delete ALL BaseScript inside of workspace,

Make sure to put your Scripts somewhere else if you want to keep them during the usage of the Script provided.

Now this should clear 100% of Unwanted Scripts (Viruses) when done correctly.

Seems like there is no proper tutorial on how to deal with the wildly spread so called “Virus” from the Toolbox so I have decided to provide one.


Nice tutorial, just one thing:

I recommend that you use LuaSourceContainer instead as that includes every type of Script Instance (LocalScript, Script, ModuleScript, CoreScript).
There won’t be any CoreScripts in the Workspace while in Studio, so don’t worry about that.


I have a question:

¿What is a BaseScript?

“The base class for all script objects which run automatically.”

A simple solution to stop viruses and other miscellaneous objects being inserted is to be careful of what you insert. Most of the viruses that appear in your game are at the fault of the developer because you have either inserted a dodgy free model or installed a dodgy plugin.

Before installing plugins you should always check if they are made by trusted developers and don’t look suspicious. If the developer has a good track record of trusted plugins and has a good reputation you can safely install a plugin from them.

You should also be careful when inserting free models from the toolbox because there are thousands upon thousands of dodgy free models. I tend to only use open sources assets made by community members in the #resources category.


I agree devs who tend to use freemodels like I don’t know :question: any that is a trick can ruin your game either with self replication that never ends almost or inserting tons of unauthorized scripts trying to crash your server.Its simple to stay safe just don’t try and use freemodels unless you know they are trusted like he said above.