Keyframes Animate Everything Around Me

Repro of this.
animrepro.rbxm (26.4 KB)


I suggested this forever ago and now it’s here! I can finally viably use custom rigs.

Thanks! I’ll take a look at the issue

Is World/Local space still an option? I couldn’t find it when using the new editor.

Yes, Ctrl + L to toggle between

I’ve made some changes to how we process rigs in response to some other bugs reported on this thread. Looks like they also fix this issue. The fix should go live sometime today.

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Will this worked with R6 as well?


Yes, in addition the bug where exporting animations for R6’s and other custom rigs wouldn’t play back in game should be fixed as well.


is there a way to set it in the animation editor so i don’t see ALL of the inbetweens? i used to have this before for easier symmetry to work off of, but this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

Beautiful feature!

In general, I haven’t been able to find a big use for recent features.

I can genuinely say that some of the recent features haven’t applied to me, since I guess I just like older features that I’m used to, but this, grass, and a few others have REALLY helped me develop!


I love this feature! Just as a little test, I turned it on, made a baseplate, and created a five-piece animated object, four cubes around one major one.

The only downside to this animation is that I couldn’t get the one cube to work properly, but I was able to get past that, obviously my error, not yours, and create a little spinning, stack, reset animation!

Thanks for this, and the other recent features, ROBLOX! :slight_smile:

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do you mean not seeing the interpolation between keyframes?

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YEAH!! thats what i mean! sorry im not good at explaining haha

Is there a way to add animation events in between frames? I want to hook up footstep sounds to the running animation which is 15 frames. I want the footsteps to be evenly spaced out so I was going to add the sounds to frames 4.5 and 12. (12 - 4.5 = 7.5) (15 - 12 + 4.5 = 7.5). I can only seem to add it on frame 4 or 5 not on 4.5… Is this possible in code, and if it is, can we see support for this in the editor?

You can probably use the Custom Framerate option for this: New: Set Custom Framerate in Animation Editor Beta. Just double both the number of frames and the FPS and scale your animation.

Time to dust off my old kinect then!

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I can’t change the rotation degree at all? I tried using T and CTRL + T, and I couldn’t find any other shortcuts. It feels like this version is missing features of the old one. :C

ya gotta change it on the banner under MODEL
i had trouble figuring this out too, lol


Are we ever going to get a graph editor for roblox animation?

Hmm, what is your exact use-case for this? I believe it’s possible to achieve the same effect by setting your easing styles to constant

Why is there no option to add keyframes for all joints selected at the scrubber position? At least have a hotkey for adding a keyframe!

I also can’t figure out how to switch between world/global space. Workflow seemed faster with old version

There’s also no way for me to view any part of the timeline from 0:28 to 1:00. Additionally, I can’t select an animation length which is < 1 second