KinqAndi's Custom Inverse Kinematics Method

Some time ago, I made a method for IK, but it wasn’t as good. Therefore, I decided to fix it up a bit, and I know that it is not the best method out there, but it works.

Here is a gif to show you how it will look like:

Note: Script is in the bottom.

Alright so how is this done?

If you don’t understand the following explanation, then scroll to the bottom and go watch the YouTube tutorial I made on this method a while back!

From 2 Points (Start and the End points), we get the middle which is the “Joint” and the segment length which is the distance from start to the Joint. Afterwards, we ray the Second segment from the End point to the Joint, and then change the Joint to the Endpoint of the segment that is closest to the Start, and then just do the inverse of that. After, we ray the first segment from Start to the Joint, and then the second from the Joint to the End


Note: This only works with two segments.


-[Youtube tutorial]-

Thanks :smiley: