Kironte : Programmer / Audio Engineer [NOT FOR HIRE]

I will never send this portfolio from anything but this DevForum account or my Discord account (Kironte#3664). If someone sends this from any other account or medium, they are impersonating.

About Me

Ahoy-hoy! I am Kironte. I’m 19 and have been on Roblox since 2013, though my ‘bronze age’ began only in ~2016. Nevertheless, I was always somehow involved in the general development of my own personal projects such as game concepts and algorithms I was interested in.
Though I dabbled in every field of Roblox development, my main talents reside in front/back-end programming and audio engineering (sound FX). As I currently attend college, I have learned multiple languages other than Lua on an intermediate level, like Python, Java, C#, SQL, HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript, allowing me to program more complex projects that require multiple languages.

Although I can sort of understand some of the low effort developers seen frequently on the front page, I take a more serious and creative approach to games. I strive to create something unique or beautiful that I can actually be proud of and be able to show others “look, I helped make this”.

The only fields on Roblox that come to mind that I cannot undertake right now are anything related to body movers and guns. I don’t have much experience with them.


Project 'Terror'

Project 'Terror' (Minimaps!) Concept Build - Roblox
Project ‘Terror’ is the old horror game project that I had the most passion for. However, as my programming skill grew over time, the project became impossible to continue due to its horrible old code. Despite that, I add it to the showcase as a demonstration of what kind of atmosphere I can create in-game using lighting, audio, and how I take attention away from my sub-par modeling skills.


Here is a clip of some UI I created and planned to add to the game but never did.

Neural Networking Libraries (and expected code quality)

Other than Project ‘Terror’, my main achievement on Roblox was releasing a successful unparalleled machine learning library on Roblox. I have a great interest in machine learning and, due to college being a large disappointment in this area, I self-taught myself most of the concepts in a couple of days, and others in a couple of months, mainly due to the scarcity of readable material.

Neural Network Library (Obsolete)

I have recently released a second library to replace the old one as it has horrendous code (a single year greatly changes standards) and little customizability. It doesn’t have anywhere near the same impact for whatever reason but it is an excellent example of what my professional code and documentation look like. The code in this library is high quality by my current standards and I am proud of it (ask me a year from now and oh boy).

Neural Network Library 2.0

OOP Implementation

Made for my machine learning libraries above, I also released the OOP implementation for them that has quite a few features. Not revolutionary, but useful as a tool and another demonstration of my skill. However, I do not plan to use it further as I want to create a new version that has better functionality.


I like playing around with Perlin noise and have done some interesting things with it. One of the first was my discovery of a really look looking anomaly caused by my improper octave sampling. I took the time to generate a nice 1080p video with it.

Noise Singularity - YouTube

After watching enough videos by Sebastian Lague on YouTube, I tried my hand in heightmap erosion and achieved success in Java (not without a lot of problems along the way).

I even ported the code to Lua and it worked fine, though much slower.

I learned how to perform bicubic interpolation on 2D matrices to stretch the maps.


I am fine with mostly everything as long as the game concept is not a joke or a cash-grab. I will also refuse to program lootboxes or any other gambling mechanics on the manner of principle.


Due to being in college, I am not available all the time. However, due to the courses being online, I am always able to wedge in development time.

I am available for commissions and for hire. Note that I am very careful about hire offers and will request a lot of information first, declining immediately if I sense too many red flags. I do not have a reliable income and thus can’t afford to waste time like I have a couple of times now.


Payments options include group payouts and PayPal.
Payment is completely negotiable and depends on the type of offer since no offer is the same.
But, generally, here is my thought process.

If it is a commission, I require a 40% downpayment as security, meaning that there is a high chance I will accept the offer assuming no problems.
If it is a hire offer for a new game, I require 20% to 40% of the total revenue, depending on my workload compared to my co-workers.
If it is a hire offer for an existing game, I require 10% to 30% of the total revenue, again, depending on my workload.

Please don’t be offended or upset if I decline your offer; I am not in the position to be as confident as other developers may be and have had bad experiences in the past when working with other developers who were unsure of their idea, unreliable, or made my effort entirely one-sided.

Contact Me

The preferred and most reliable method of contacting me is through the DevForums here. Just send me a message with as much information as you can (I don’t like answering ‘you for hire?’ messages).

Otherwise, you can friend me on Discord and pop me a message there. My Discord tag is Kironte#3664.