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About me

Hi there! I’m Krunnie, a 19-year-old developer from Poland that lives in the United States. I have been on Roblox since 2013 and started developing since 2014. I mainly do clothing designing, translations, building and logo designing.



You can read about my translation services here.


A Halloween button up shirt with overalls and ripped jeans.

A tactical trenchcoat.

An outfit inspired by the Bounty Hunter package from the catalog but never managed to finish.


I know that I’m not that skilled with building but it wouldn’t hurt to include some examples here too :wink:

Those come from a showcase I started some time ago but never finished.

The cabin from BSlick’s Cabin Challange.

Logo Design

Original and Blurple version of my bot’s old pfp

Logo for my current development group - Rebeat

Logo for a SwordBurst2 guild


I’m available every day from 5-6pm EST til 10pm - midnight (depending on the day) although I’m responsive almost around the clock (depending on if I’m sleeping or at work).

I’m currently for hire


I accept robux, percentage and USD via PayPal. All my prices are negotiable although I won’t go below:

Clothing - 1kR$+ or DevEx equivalent per piece
Logo - 500R$ + or DevEx equivalent per design
Translations - 10R$ per word or DexEx equivalent
Building - No price range


You can usually reach me here since I check the DevForum on a regular basis.
If not, then you can also catch me on Discord: Krunnie#0919
As well as my DMs on Twitter Please note that I may be the most unresponsive there since I don’t get notifications about DMs in most cases for some reason.


These look really cool! It’s takes a lot of creativity to be so good in that many fields! I really like your work and I wish you best of luck in getting hired!


I’d say that it takes more hard work than creativity but I won’t lie, it’s nice to have more than one way of expressing what you got in your head.


Wow you r very talented, especially for logo and shirt designs.




Looks a bit familiar… :thinking:


Ok so now you’re going to throwing shade for the fact that I used to use open source shading? :thinking:


I personally feel your price a little high these days for that sort of thing, but that’s just me. :man_shrugging:


I don’t use it anymore. Just showed it because I felt like my portfolio would be empty with just 2 examples. I’ll replace it with a commission that I’m currently working on if it bothers you.


Krunnie as absolutely amazing.
I worked with him on Cursed Tales for over a year.

Throughout that time, his work proved that its abodolutly worth the price labeled.
I actually used his clothing on my profile character.


Her* and thanks Axcer! :slight_smile:


Updated the thread.
Removed the examples that caused controversy and replaced them with other examples.