Translator: English to Polish for hire

Why should you translate your games into Polish?

By looking at the pictures in this thread you can see Poland in charts that show the top 10 countries by Gameplay. The Polish community on Roblox was already big ever since I had first joined in 2013 and kept steadily growing ever since. Most of the community are children from the age of 13 and below, 13 to 18, who don’t speak English very well.

About me

Hi there! I’m ItsKoiske, and I’m a 21-year-old developer from Poland that currently lives in the United States. As a kid, I lived in the States for about 6 years (and went to school for about 3) before returning to Poland. Ever since I was young, I was fascinated with languages. Usually, I spent my days seeking ways of learning another language and tried to communicate with others in the language that I was learning. According to the EU’s English Language Levels (CEFR), my English would be rated as Independent - Fluent (B2). I’m also a part of the Roblox Localization Team.

TOEFL Results with scoring explanation - proof of my English efficiency

Click here to see how to read the scores.

Translated posts from #public:public-updates-announcements
Games that I worked for (will be editing with time)

Payment and Other Information

I’m charging 50R$ (0.18$ - PayPal) per string + 50R$ per game product cell. Title and description are free!
I charge 30R$ per cell for fixes to translations made by others.
I can also go with temporary game percentage payments until I earn the amount due + 10% extra.
I can work with and set up CSV tables too if needed.

If you want me to translate anything else outside of Roblox - my rates are 0.15$ - .20$/word depending on word count.


I’m usually available, but please reach out to me in DMs just in case!

I’m currently for hire!

Contact Information

Discord: KoiBoi#0919
Twitter: @ItsKoiske
Please DM me here if you send me a friend request. I don’t accept random FRs due to personal reasons.

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Would you be able to work on a collaborative google sheet? I.e. we have a master sheet with sub sheets that all of our translators work off.

Yes I am.

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I won’t be taking requests for a while due to some problems that happened irl that require my full attention.

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I’m back to business although I’m limited when it comes to testing the translations in game.


Are you still offering translation services right now at this time?

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Yes I am. You can DM me here the details if you’re interested in my services.

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Updated the post!

Here’s what I added:

Updated the thread with the following:

Updated the topic:

  • Added Vehicle Tycoon by @liteEmpire and Treasure Quest to the list of games I translated. Thank you very much for commissioning me!
  • Changed the price of translations. Now it’s 25R$ (or devex equivalent) per cell. For any other translations, it’s still negotiable.
  • Updated my Discord tag
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Great job on translating my texts, I recommend! :star:

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She is a good translator. As Polish person myself and fellow translator, I respect her work and her translations are grande!

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Updated the topic:

  • Did some cleaning/updating for the information I provided here.
  • Added a timetable for whenever I’d be able to work.
  • I’m now also accepting percentage payment - more info in the Payments section.

Updated the topic:

Added Restaurant Tycoon 2 to the list of games I have work on. Thank you for hiring me!


Updated the topic:

  • Updated contact info/availability
  • Added Car Crushers 2 by @Panwellz to the Translated Games category. Thank you so much for commissioning me!
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Updated topic:

Added Guesty to the list of games I worked on. Thank you a lot NK Studios for hiring me!


Updated topic:

  • Added a translated game
  • Updated contact info
  • Updated payment to make it more clear
  • Fixed some grammar errors and rephrase some stuff
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Hello Krunnie! I’m interested in your translation services.

If you are still available, please add me on Discord: Kels Shartle#1046

Hi everyone!

Did a small update to the portfolio here including updating my contact information as well as adding some games to the list. Thank you to those who have hired me lately for the opportunities!