Translator: English to Polish for hire

Why should you translate my games into Polish?

By looking at the pictures in this thread you can see Poland in charts that show the top 10 countries by Gameplay. The Polish community on Roblox was already big ever since I had first joined in 2013 and keeps steadily growing ever since. Most of the community are children from the group ages of 13 and below; 13 to 18 that don’t speak English very well or at all.

About me

Hi there! I’m Krunnie and I’m a 20-year-old high school graduate from Poland that currently lives in the United States. As a kid, I used to live in the States for about 6 years (and went to school for about 3) before returning to Poland. Ever since I was young, I was fascinated with wordplay and usually spent my days seeking ways of expressing myself through the art of poetry and short stories. According to the EU’s English Language Levels (CEFR), my English would be rated as Independent - Fluent (B2). I have recently passed my TOEFL exams. I’m also a part of the Roblox Localization Team.

TOEFL Results with scoring explanation

Click here to see how to read the scores.

Sample Poem


They say paradise is here.
They say that all we need is here.
Paradise they say…

The city isn’t a paradise.
At least for me…

Paradise has palm trees
And we got electric poles.
Paradise has endless miles of open skies,
While we have endless miles of steel and glass.
Paradise has waterfalls and clear rivers.
We have cheaply filtered stale water.

If this is what they call paradise
Then I’ll step aside and look.
Look at the paradise you’re rushing to never see.

Poem translation


Mówią, że tu jest raj.
Mówią, że mamy tutaj wszystko.
Mówią, że rajsko…

Miasto nie jest rajem.
Przynajmniej dla mnie…

Raj ma palmy
zamiast słupów elektrycznych.
Raj ma kilometry otwartego nieba
zamiast kilometrów stali i szkła.
Raj ma wodospady i czystą wodę
zamiast tanio filtrowanej wody.

Jeśli to jest raj
To zejdę na drugi plan i poobserwuje
Jak pędzicie do nieosiągalnego Edenu.

Translated posts from #public:public-updates-announcements

About my services
I’m bilingual into and I always wanted to put that into use and translate games. Even though I have experience in business translations and had translating lessons as a part of my personalized curriculum through my entire high school, I don’t have a lot of experience in that field.

Games that I worked for (will be editing with time)

Unlike most translators, I do tidying that means rewording some phrases to make it sound/look fancier and double-checking for free (I also offer that for free if you want me to check someone else’s translation).

Payment and other necessary information

I’m charging 25R$ (0.09$ - PayPal; or whatever you’ll negotiate with RLT) per word. If you want me to translate anything else, then the prices will be negotiable depending on how much work, I’d have to put into this.


Any time after 3 pm on the weekdays and whenever I’ll have time on the weekends. I’m on Discord quite often so just DM me there for more info on that

Currently for hire!

Contact Information

Discord: Krun#0919
Twitter: @Krunnie
You can also DM me here since I check the Forums daily.

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Would you be able to work on a collaborative google sheet? I.e. we have a master sheet with sub sheets that all of our translators work off.

Yes I am.

I won’t be taking requests for a while due to some problems that happened irl that require my full attention.

I’m back to business although I’m limited when it comes to testing the translations in game.

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Are you still offering translation services right now at this time?

Yes I am. You can DM me here the details if you’re interested in my services.

Sorry, by commentary I got mind-breaked.

Updated the post!

Here’s what I added:

Updated the thread with the following:

Updated the topic:

  • Added Vehicle Tycoon by @liteImpulse and Treasure Quest to the list of games I translated. Thank you very much for commissioning me!
  • Changed the price of translations. Now it’s 25R$ (or devex equivalent) per cell. For any other translations, it’s still negotiable.
  • Updated my Discord tag
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Great job on translating my texts, I recommend! :star:

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She is a good translator. As Polish person myself and fellow translator, I respect her work and her translations are grande!

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