Kumo - Graphics Designer | 3D Artist | UI and Logo Designer (Commissions are OPEN!)

Hi, My name is Kumo and I’m a mostly self-taught Graphics / UI / Logo Designer!

Any and all forms of contact business wise takes place :

  • My Twitter - @Kumo_ML :bird:

  • My Discord - KUMO#2025 :happy1:



RB Battles Thumbnails



RoVille Thumbnails



PREYA Homestore Icon






Icon commission [Scammed]


Vector Icons

Prices are mainly this way due to the amount of time it takes me to complete any of them


I accept Paypal! Message me on discord or twitter concerning USD.

  • I have the right to refuse any commission.

  • I will add a watermark on all Work in Progress screenshots I would show to avoid scamming.

  • If you aren’t satisfied with the end product, I will gladly make slight changes that you think will make it look better, Such as; Changing the background on icons to an extent (Colour and ect. if necessary) and Adjusting certain effects/overlays. what will Not be accepted for changes are: changing entire renders after receiving the O.K or Drastic and sudden changes that result in changing the entire scene (Rerendering).

  • Every thumbnail comes with a free icon! (Although, would not be of the same quality as the ones you would order separately.


This belongs under #collaboration:portfolios

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Thank you very much! Do you mind giving me your honest opinion of my work?

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Your work is very good! It’s extremely impressive and you will be getting a lot of commisions. I think your pricing is good but there are people who can’t afford it, like me.

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Ah, apologies for that. I tried making them as low as I could in comparison to the many hours I spend on commissions and so that regular people can afford my work because that was my main goal.

But thank you! I do hope I get enough commissions because the pandemic is making things a tiny bit tough… :happy1:

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Amazing experience with this graphic designer. The quality of work compared to what I paid was amazing, You all should real consider hiring Kumo. Also great with time management and keeping you up to par with any changes or updates on your Icons (What I ordered) and Thumbnails. :smile:

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Very trustworthy graphic designer, currently working on a project with him and he is an extremely hard worker. In terms of graphic design skill he is very open minded about trying to do things he has never done before as well as puts extreme detail into every graphic he designs.

If you need a graphic designer this is the person that you should hire.

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An excellent designer made me an outstanding game thumbnail and was extremely kind and helpful! The thumbnail had a large amount of detail which looks fantastic. Also, the work was finished remarkably quick!

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Your discord tag does not seem to work, tried adding you!


super talented designer, commissioned a thumbnail from kumo and he nailed it
super happy with the end result and 100% recommend getting your graphics from this guy

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Looks good! Keep up the great work :purple_heart:

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I’m planning to show examples on the post itself and possibly make new options like U.I, Vector art/Logos, Ads, Gamepasses and more!

Vouch! Amazing quality work, good outcome and very quick finish to the project! Will definitely be using in the future!

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Thank you guys for all your kind comments and support! I just do this because i enjoy doing graphic design and knowing that people like me work is a nice feeling :smile:

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Truly some amazing work here - for the prices being charged I can certainly say this is a fantastic deal for anyone looking to hire a graphic designer. I’d implore anyone with the available funds to purchase a piece from Kumo as soon as possible.

+1 from me. :+1:

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I was curious if you were able to create ads as-well?

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Sure can! but prices are negotiable because they aren’t an official listing on my commission sheet.

absolutely amazing gfxs! highly recommend Kumo!

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Awesome work! Super satisfied with the outcome.

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Newest Thumbnail Commission!