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MR Handbook

MRs (Medium/middle Ranks) should supervise within the cafe, help during the sessions, etc. They need to use grammar all the time within La Verde. They are NOT allowed to abuse commands, doing so will lead them to consequences. They are allowed to kick ONLY after 3 warnings. If they notice exploiter(hacker)/major spammer or other Roblox violations they may kick without any warnings and call HR+ to deal with them.


They are allowed to attend and help within sessions but with proper guides, they are not allowed to Host or Co-Host except General Managers who canCo Host.

HR Handbook

HRs (High Ranks) are allowed to supervise within the cafe, their job is to keep the cafe safe, also, they need to help our customers as much as they can. They are not allowed to abuse commands. HR is allowed to use h command for announcements such as: “Come down for a drink to cheer you up” and so on and can use commands like m for sessions.


Board of Directors and above can Host or Co-Host sessions, but only Human Resources+ may oversee. Public Relations Officers need permission from Human Resources before promoting.

Ranks Explained

Not Ranked
Valued Customer - This is the first rank in the group when you joined, this is also the rank we serve and aid at the café with our best possible attitude.

Honoured Customer - This rank is given to resigned SHRs and celebrities.

Suspended - This rank is for staff who has done something bad and has been suspended.

Low Ranked
Trainee - You have passed the application and now you must be trained to start working.

Chef - You have passed Training and passed as the rank Chef. They cook the food in the kitchen of the cafe.

Barista - Your job is to ask customers their orders to send to the kitchen.

Medium Ranked
Head Chef - You must lead the kitchen and help anyone who needs help.

Head Barista - Lead the front desk, the front of the battle field.

Service Manager - Manage customer complaints, supervise, train and much more.

General Manager - Incharge at the Cafe and must work hard to keep everything in order.

High Ranked
Board of Directors - Host trainings and interviews and let new people join the staff team.

Public Relations Officer - Choose who should be promoted and request and accept alliances with LVC.

Human Resources - The final rank of HR at LVC, supervise, rank, host, it is ENDLESS!

Senior High Ranked
Bots - These automatic devils are bots who can rank automatically. This rank is unobtainable.

Developers - Developers create the games so we can make LVC enjoyable. This rank is unobtainable unless invited.

Executive Assistant - This rank can do more than the HR and MR rank. They can be a Host, Co-Host, be an Interviewer, Trainer, Ranker, Overseer, and be a Staff Promoter. This rank is earned by working hard.

Executive -This rank can do more than the HR and MR rank. They can be a Host, Co-Host, be an Interviewer, Trainer, Ranker, Overseer, and be a Staff Promoter. This rank is earned by working hard. This is the last rank which can be earned at LVC.

Chairperson - This is a high rank in the SHR team and has most permissions. They manage the group and keep everything in order.

Vice-Chairman - Has a good relationship with the Chairman and can take over in case the Chairman is gone for a few weeks.

Chairman - The official Owner of the group, has all permissions.


[Q] Who created La Verde?
[A] ChanleeDeveloper and is now run by callmehSpear.

[Q] When do we host sessions?
[A] Randomly Everyday!

[Q] How can I become staff?
[A] Join the group, then apply in the application centre or interview. Then go to training to acquire the rank Chef or Barista.

[Q] How do I become MR?
[A] You must become a Head of rank and then progress up to MR by being promoted by being active, and attending training.

[Q] Are Baristas allowed to be in training?
[A] Yes. They may help train trainees after one week of work.

Current Team of Developers


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