Lack of documentation on GetCore/SetCore

Page in question:
Old page:

As you can see, there is a difference between the two pages that is crucial to understanding and knowing what can and can’t be done regarding SetCore.

The old page provides all available parameters you can apply regarding SetCore as well as arguments that need to be passed in. The new page simply tells you what you need for parameters and gives a small example, however it doesn’t explain what available options there are.

My request is to have available SetCore options incorporated into the Developer Hub (“new Wiki”) page, with their brief summaries and code examples, so we further know how best we can use the function. SetCore has some valuable functions that are useful for creating API or other assets.


well the new wiki is kinda garbage and hard to understand in my opinion, the old wiki was better in explaining things and finding things.


I do prefer the old Wiki, but it seems unlikely that we’ll be backpedalling to that gorgeous place, so it’s imperative that our current resources be updated to at least have sufficient information for our own benefit.

The request for documentation is in regards to those who’ve transitioned over to using the new Developer Hub or in case the page gets linked in the future. Still love using the old Wiki page(s) though.


luckly i know corestuff out of my head. so i dont have to search it up. cant you acces the old wiki thoug studio?

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You can only access some API pages either by direct link or through Studio Context Help (I think the menu is?). The homepage redirects to RobloxDev and not the Roblox Wiki.

F1 links you to the Studio Overview, so technically you could use Studio to access the old Wiki too.

some Apis are deseperate and work and then the replacement for that deseperate one doesnt work, for example checking if a user has purchased a gamepass or item or not

Wow, I have wasted hours of development time trying to find this >> New SetCore Methods for prompting social actions

and there is nothing about that on the New Wiki, is there a way I can still use the Old Wiki? I can’t take it anymore the New Wiki is just garbage.

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SetCore has a page on the new wiki listing the methods but GetCore still doesn’t. Maybe this could be better surfaced though since you had trouble finding it.

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