Lag preventer | Dynamically prevent lag 1.3v

Hi, I made a free model in Roblox that aims to improve the performance of Roblox games

This model aims to improve the performance of games, by automatically turning off global shadows when a player’s FPS is below 24.

Note: This is client side. Other players won’t see the shadows disappear

It’s probably not a very efficent way to get rid of lag but it could help if a large majority of your players play on low end devices such as laptops or phones.

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Please suggest features. if you have any because at the moment this dosen’t do much


You can get fps by dividing 1 with delta time.

     local fps = (1/delta)
     if fps <= 20 then
          --Code here

I tried implementing this into the script to see if it was more accurate but it wasn’t really working. When I got 11 FPS it was supposed to turn off global shadows but it didn’t.

I’ll just use the current method of getting the player’s FPS. I think it works fine.


I had an idea. Roblox scales resolution as well, is that possible to dynamically turn off

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Wdym by scale resolution??? Could you elaborate.

For example:
Roblox uses a 1-10 graphics scale
If you select 1 the resolution is lower then if you select 10 but both are scaled the same.

If you are talking about increasing rendering quality and not graphics quality then its impossible for a developer to achieve that, but you can do it using bloxstrap.

Sorry! Thought it was possible