LampLight - Global Illumination For Roblox (New v1.2)

Is this roblox like can you do a video how to make it

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Holy, what settings did you use? I can’t get my lightning to be this good.

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Well I trying to make it realistic and realistic it looks right now like this

Btw sorry for the low quality is from Roblox the pitcher but in game yea is good

Btw I used shadow map so yea who wants to question that good plugin

It’s the old XML format file type used to store Roblox Models. It’s safe and I can convert it to .RBXM which is the newer binary format if needed.

not sure if its possible to do due to how future lighting works, but itd be awesome to see a future lighting implementation into this

it looks much better than shadow map, apart from the light spots caused by the attachments