Landscaper PerfectlyBlack (CLOSED FOR NOW)

PerfectlyBlack’s Portfolio :roblox:

About Me :bust_in_silhouette:

Hey there. I am PerfectlyBlack. I am German builder that is specialized in creating realistic landscapes. I have 1.5+ years of developing experience, and I’d like to use this experience to help you with creating your game!

Showcase :camera_flash:

And more!

Availability :briefcase:

Due Corona-Holidays I am available for up to 3 hours daily, but I am unlikely to work weekdays.
Usually (no holidays) I am available for 0 hours weekdays and 2 - 3 hours weekends (not on Sunday.)
Timezone: CET (+1 UTC)

Prices :robux:

35 - 50 :robux_gold: = Landscape for a screenshot / As background
100 - 200 (+) :robux_gold: = Small landscape (Y1000 / Z1000) - Size of the starter baseplate
300 - 450 (+) :robux_gold: = Medium landscape (Y1750 / Z1750) - A good size for tropical islands
650 - 1000 (+) :robux_gold: = Big landscape (Y2500 / Z2500) - The size of most camping game’s forests
1.500 - 2.000 (+) :robux_gold: = Large landscape (Y4000 / Z4000) - A bit larger than Dungeon Quest’s lobby
7.500 - 10.000 (+) :robux_gold: = Huge landscape (Y9999 / Z9999) - Almost the size of Jailbreak

The price rises if you want multiple trees, lakes, waterfalls, caves, buildings or special themes.
Prices are negotiable, if you want a custom landscape size.
I do only accept Robux :robux_gold: via group funds!

Contact :telephone_receiver:

To contact me, you just have to simply add me on Discord! Black#5375

I hope that you’ll hire me in the near future! :smile:

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This portfolio has officially opened! You’re free to hire me at any time!

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I am currently not taking commissions anymore (I have multiple commissioners now), sorry to everyone that was interested in my work.

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