Lapiz: A simple gun system [V1.1]

Lapiz [v1.1]

A simple gun system

What is Lapiz?

Lapiz is a gun system with simplicity in mind. It currently supports both R6 and R15. It is customizable enough to the point where it is practical, but not too much that it becomes troublesome to use.

Why did you create Lapiz?

I created Lapiz whilst developing a game. I was looking for a simple gun system, but nearly all of them had way too many features and were very hard to understand. Lapiz however, has a simple plug-in-and-play functionality.

Setting Up Lapiz

You can obtain the gun system here: Lapiz [V1.1] - Roblox

Once you have the system, you want to do 2 things:

1: Drop in everything in its respective place (there are folders)
2. Select the appropriate mode for Lapiz to use (R6/R15)

Once you’ve done them, Lapiz is ready to go!

Configuring Lapiz

Lapiz has a very simple settings ModuleScript. You can configure everything there, including damage, ammo, animation, sounds and more. If you know FastCast then there is a seperate ModuleScript that has settings for that in it.

Do not configure the settings in the values! They will not take affect. Use the provided ModuleScript to apply the settings.

Configuring Ui

Lapiz comes with a very simple ui. It is understandable if you do not like the look, so if you’d like to change it, you can do so. But keep some things in mind:

1: Do not RENAME or CHANGE the hierarchy of the scripts, or the Ui. If you know scripting well, then you are free to do so.

2: If you do not know how to script, then I highly recommend that you only tweak around with the provided Ui. Change the background color, position, size or anything that is in the properties tab. Modify it till you think it looks good.


1: Does Lapiz require Motor6D animations?

Yes, Lapiz does require Motor6D animations. I will be adding tutorial soon on how to animate with Lapiz. For the time being, if you know how to, go ahead.

2: I have encountered a bug. What do I do?

Reply to this post, and I will respond. If you are instead receiving an Error Code, such as L1 or something similar, then check the documentation in the GitHub repository. I have also posted the documentation below in this post. Incase you are NOT receiving an error code, then please post a bug report in the GitHub repository, or again, reply to this post.

IMPORTANT: Lapiz does not currently have an anti-cheat. It is a smooth n simple gun system. If you have created one, please let me know.

Other Links

Github Repository (Currently out-of-date): GitHub - OceanTubez/Lapiz-v1.0: A roblox gun system, made from scratch.

Package Link (Broken as of now):

Model Link: Lapiz [V1.1] - Roblox


Error Code Meaning How to Fix
L1 Unable to find GunModel in Tool Reference or rename the GunModel in Configuration
L2 Unable to find FirePoint in GunModel Insert or Rename FirePoint in GunModel
L3 Colliding Reload time settings Only select one reload time setting in configuration.
L4 Colliding Headshot Damage settings Only select one headshot damage setting in configuration.

Update Log


Base system, with many bugs. Used in my own game, not published to the public.

v1.1 (LATEST)

Improved general system, finally made public.

Assets Used

FastCast: Making a combat game with ranged weapons? FastCast may be the module for you!

Thank you for using Lapiz.


Are you able to provide screenshots please

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Working on it at the moment! I made this post on mobile. When I get on my PC, I’ll post screenshots. Thanks for pointing it out!


The link doesn’t work

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It is not on sale… I put it on sale but it took it off… Roblox is having issues.

Quick Update!

I have created a new model which has the Lapiz System. Post has been updated!
There’s only one downside to creating a model… which is that It won’t update.

Some things that I plan on doing:

  1. Keeping the model, but releasing a plugin which will auto-update all Lapiz scripts and refresh Ui.
  2. Re-working the Ui to be better looking.
  3. Nothing else for now!
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Heard of a MainModule? You can auto update quite easily with that.

Working on that as of now. Currently setting it up for every server script to be replaced by a one module.

I meant that you could load it in like how the popular admin systems automatically update.

But yeah, making it one single module that has deps is good.

it is very cool, but why dos it not work on mobile. in theory it should work because tool.activated also works on mobile.

Yeah… the thing is the automatic function of the system uses mouse down, and I’m working on making it use ContextActionService for full mobile support.

Cool, but there is a better version of context action service that automatically places the button and the buttons look way better. its called context action utility from pseudo person. i would use that instead of context action service: Easy Mobile Buttons - ContextActionUtility

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NO, please dont use ContextActionUtility! it make the gun shoot automaticly when equipped even if you dont click the mouse.