Large Humanoids do not work as expected


Large Humanoids have a glitchy landed stage, in which they “land” too early and then float down to the actual floor. This bug affects both R15 and R6 as well as custom Humanoids.



Custom Humanoid:

It started happening late last year-ish when the Humanoid’s code was updated. I remember seeing a DevForum post about the behavior changes but I can’t find it anymore. I made a bug report in January for this same issue, but I decided to make a better report instead of bumping that one.

This bug has been causing me massive headaches with my sequel to Mashables, a game where a large monster is built by everyone on the server. The monster can be really uncomfortable to control because of this and it’d be really nice if it could get fixed.

Here are some Repros:
Repro (R15) (12.7 KB)
Repro (R6) (14.8 KB)


I have a game with a giant R6 character as a boss, and it does this every so often. Sometimes it turns around afterwards to re-settle, ruining its projectile attacks. Can confirm that it can be repro’d pretty easily.


Thanks for reporting this issue. I have a fix for this which should be released in January next year.


Did you try fixing this? I must say that this problem is worse than before.
My character is like 14 studs high, it lands like 2 studs above the ground and can jump in mid-air.
Please, do something…


This is also noticable with normal sized humanoids, they seem to land on an invisible pillow for less than a second before touching the ground


I missed my January estimate by a bit, sorry. I have just enabled the fix for this, barring any issues with this change it should be fixed! Let me know if this fixes the issue with your character.


Its way better now, thank you so much pal! ;3


I’ve been wanting to do some games with big humanoids, but was always deterred due to these weird behaviors. I’ll need to try again since it’s fixed.

BTW, are you making Ace and Spades? (Now called Build and Shoot.)


Yeah, it was one of my favourite childhood games, i just cant accept that it is dead and decided to create an reimagination of it in ROBLOX :slight_smile: