Launch of Recommendation Feed on Roblox Web

Hi Creators,

We are excited to announce the rollout of the Recommendation feed to all users on January 29th!

This comes after we experimented with a dynamic feed of recommendations on web, which led to a 25% increase in the number of Experiences Impressions and improved engagement as experiences were no longer hidden behind “See All”.

There is zero action needed on your part to take full advantage of this!

As a reminder, we are also actively experimenting with larger home tiles that showcase 16:9 thumbnail images. While the current Roblox Home on mobile and desktop is structured as a feed of recommendations, the Roblox Home on Web is still displayed as a collection of genres.

What to Expect

This change not only brings parity to the user experience across mobile, desktop, and web but also sets the stage for new and improved home tiles. We plan to incorporate Genres & Experience Categories seamlessly within the user’s discovery journey including search landing pages and metadata within the home tiles. We believe these changes will streamline the user experience and provide a more unified and engaging platform for both our user and creator communities.

We are excited about the future possibilities these changes unlock and look forward to sharing more updates with you on the improved home tiles shortly.

Thank you.


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This is an update awaited by so many people, including me!

Hopefully Roblox will be able to adjust the recommended tab to showcase amazing games that havent been seen by many people. This will allow talented developers to launch their career and for us to find even more fun games to play.


FINALLY!!! A lot of us have been trying to pioneer our own versions of this, but now it’s natively supported. Hopefully this will allow some games to be picked up that previously never had a chance.


Amazing work, I have seen many many people waiting for this update, and i can’t wait to see many undetected, but great games slowly appear to users. I can’t wait for this to slowly apply to all game genres/sections. Great job!


Finally, been waiting for this for so long


Woah. A lot of cool updates coming in a row, keep going Roblox!!


This is great! Will we have the ability to see impressions and the CTR of our game through a dashboard, as through this new recommended page? Sorta akin to how YouTube handles it in their YouTube Studio. I feel like opening up the ability to access this metric may help out some games that’re struggling to onboard users.

Even without such a change, I’m hopeful to see these strives result in a more thorough front page!

edit: wait is this literally just making the recommended for you page scroll on forever


This is ok. I feel like this just solves an issue in one place and makes the other “Discover” page glaringly more obvious. I’ve never clicked or been interested in game Roblox has recommended to me. If anything, it feels like more clutter.

What we really need is genres back.


This isn’t very useful for me since I’m not interested in most recommend games at all.

Also can you bring the favorites section up right below the continue?


This is a great update, but I still can’t help but notice that your favorites are second from the bottom on the home page. I favorite games because I want a quick and easy way to return to them, and their current placement is counterintuitive to that idea. Could we get this moved up to the third spot on the homepage right underneath the recommended section?


everyone’s saying this is good, but it’s really not…
this has 2 sides, developer & consumer.

first, lets get the desktop app out of the way. nobody uses it, it’s irrelevant

Developer side

small devs, it might help…
large devs, it definitely helps…

the recommended for you category has, and always will be random stuff *cough* already popular games *cough*. It’s recommended, but not tailored to you so of course it’s a tiny boost…

Consumer side

Mobile app:
if you look at the mobile app, it takes centuries to find your favorites because the home page is structured as 1 row of continue, 500 rows of recommended for you [which aren’t even tailored to users… they’re just random games that we won’t ever play, we’ve all know this], and favorites at the very bottom…

Web [from image in OP post]:
if you look at the web [the image provided in the OP post], it’s the exact same. And can we talk about how much space is wasted for a second? Ads or no ads, theres only 6 games per row & you want to lessen that with thumbnail use???

half of the web page is empty, wasted space

Recommended for You:
we all know this category, it’s random games. most users don’t even look at it anymore
Lets take a look at my recommended category:

half of these are games *cough* already popular games *cough* I’ve already played (and disliked), the other half are games I’d never play.

Browser extensions:
the recommended for you category is as useless as the discover page… there’s a reason most web users use browser extensions like RoPro or BTR. we can push our favorites to the top, expand certain areas, and select random games that the algorithm won’t even show us…

As a consumer, this does nothing to help me… browser extensions are more helpful :skull:

if anything, this only benefits larger devs


I use BTR and agree with this, not only this but it makes profiles easier to look at.

Now on to the post, this is nice, Ive noticed some recommended games pop up that appeals more to me and or a sort genre pop up of the type of game I usually play, I’ve found a few new favorites that way.

As for tile sizing, the thought of bigger tiles doesn’t appeal to me, I feel it would just be too “in your face” and take too much space, I like the smaller tiles, but at the same time I think a bit of modernization and changes would be nice.
Maybe a toggle would be nice for this? Switch between small or big depending on what the person wanted. Or even a mix

On the topic of the desktop app, I hardly ever use it, I might if I close a game session and it goes to that and I’m still up for playing some other roblox game, I’ll look at the game or open one from my favorites etc, but in general its annoying to say the least when you close the game and it goes to the app instead.

That said its layout is nice, I like when you click on a game and it pops up like a console game layout or something.


Can you stop playing with my “Recently played” sort and make it show what I actually recently played, instead of your curated “Continue” sort rubbish.

I also do not want the home page being a duplicate of the Discover page. Why is favourites at the bottom of the home page disregarded in favour of curated sorts which is basically the Discover page

The fact I have to use an extension to fix this, is a big failure on the UX of the home page.


nice update, I would also like it If you get a game recommended in notifcations!


The Discover tab and Home tab on the mobile app have this dropdown system where you can choose various sorts. A video of that is below.

Video of dropdown sorts selection on mobile

I used to see a Horror sort on my Roblox Discover page of the Web, but don’t see it anymore on any platform I use Roblox on. (Mobile, Web, Microsoft App, Xbox, PlayStation.) I’d like to see that sort return on my Home or Discover page. That Horror sort could’ve been a temporary sort or a genre-based one or something else, not sure.

More detail about sort types that I've researched

I know Roblox has different kinds of sorts, but I’m not sure how many or how they work too much. There are the sorts like Continue, Recommended, Obby, etc. (The ones shown in the video above.)

There are also sorts that are more tailored and maybe temporary, but have links to them on the web. For an example, I saw a sort called “Platformer Obby” along with there being a sort called “Platformer”.

In that link of the “Platformer” sort, it states V2 in the URL. Some sorts I’ve seen have that, but some don’t. Some have “Curated_#” or are just the name itself like


What even is the point for this? Most of the games shown to me is random cash grab games made to ruin kid’s brains.


Sounds like a good change. To clarify - the genre categories will be removed in favor of recommended only?

One big issue with recommended: Since day 1, recommended category on the home page heavily biases stolen version of our games instead of the actual game(s):

It’s a funny problem. People clearly want to play Pet Simulator! So why not show the real game? I don’t see our actual games in recommended, ever, on any account or platform - specifically on the home page. Have brought this to attention and it’s still a problem a year later.


You’ve done a lot to work towards organic discoverability from the home page and from the “Discover” page, but now I think the focus should be shifted towards getting a tagging feature onto the platform and bringing Genres back…

The ability to “ignore” games or certain tags would be super good, too… I’d love to wipe out games that I’d be completely disinterested in via their tag.



Am I just out of touch? Have I become a senile old man who can’t appreciate the Vision? Why must I be tortured with consistently worse and worse UX?

All I’ve ever wanted is the following sorts:
Recently Played (games that I ACTUALLY just played, in chronological order. not random recommendations.)
Favorites (games I have favorited, in chronological order. not random recommendations.)
Friends Playing (Games my friends have recently played, in order of most recent play (chronological order). Not completely random games falsely labeled as “friend presence.” Not random recommendations.)

Anything besides these 3 sorts is a waste of screen space. Every “improvement” to the home page in the past 3 years has done nothing but worsen my experience and make me hate this “engagement has increased by 0.001% so this must be better” mentality that seems to be plaguing the entire internet. It’s getting to the point where I’m actively looking for an extension or an entirely separate website I can use as an alternative to the home page.

I never get any recommendations besides soulless, grindy simulator and tycoon games, and I’m scared of the alternative because of the week where I was getting recommended what appeared to be world record attempts for the most grotesque title-thumbnail combinations ever concieved.

If this change gets rolled out as advertised I think I will genuinely never use the home page again.