Launching a game without Robux: How?

So… I’m about halfway done with my game, but I’m wondering about how to get plays, ratings, and favorites without advertising it because I don’t have any Robux.

Any tips?


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Just try spreading the word to everyone you know. Maybe tell your friend then your friend will tell other people and the community will starting spreading. Just try to advertise it on youtube or reddit. Just try to let as many people know.

It’s not really, I’m asking how to do it without Robux.

Thanks for the tips, maybe it will work! :slight_smile:

No problem, Anything to help you.

This question has been asked including recently. Please search before attempting to create a similar topic.

There are many ways to get players to play your game or if your wanting to spread your game across the glob using the “#RobloxDev hashtags” on Twitter is a good way to promote your game since it’s a active community. Showcasing your work in discord servers other social media’s would be a good fit you just need to have patience and don’t rush, make the game attractive and have a actual gameplay you want players to play your game and return back.

You can even reach out to youtubers telling them to play your game you could try sending your game to smaller you tubers and big well known creators. There’s many ways to go about this, ads aren’t really needed in this type of case it could be used later down the line or in the near future.

It’s simple use social media, make a youtube channel, and get a Youtuber or a streamer to play it. Some YouTubers and streamers have emails for their managers allowing you to request for the YouTuber to join your game.

Remember to get a consistent player base you need to form an active community that’s your number one goal and if you can get a smaller YouTuber to actively play most likely subscribers will also actively play forming a community. Use twitter and youtube to follow people, retweet, send your game to influencers, etc.

Get friends and family to share your game. If your game is well done most schools or even districts like to post their student’s accomplishments on their social media you can even try that. Offer your game on cross-platform you will get a much larger player base. There are so many ways you can advertise for free these are just a few.

Let me know if you have further questions.


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