Layered Clothing properties not being set in game

Currently, as of 4/20/2023, whenever a character spawns wearing layered clothing (or if a new HumanoidDescription containing layered clothing is applied to a Humanoid), there’s a chance that the “Order” and “Puffiness” properties will not be set on the avatar’s HumanoidDescription, and will instead stay at a default value of 1.

Based on my experience, this issue seems to happen about 40% of the time.

Layered clothing order can be specified in the avatar editor, but you’d need to use an API to set Puffiness.
My avatar relies on these properties being set, so this bug kinda ruins my avatar whenever it occurs.


  • Equip layered clothing on your platform avatar and set custom properties on the clothes. The easiest way to do this is just to use the area in the avatar editor that lets you re-order your clothes.

  • Join any game that allows layered clothing. (or just load your character in studio)

  • When your character spawns, notice that the order/puffiness of your clothes might not be what you specified it to be. If the clothes apply correctly, just reset your character a few times until they don’t.


Here’s me spawning my avatar over and over in Studio with Players:CreateHumanoidModelFromUserId(). My avatar relies on the Puffiness property to compress my clothes. Notice how the Puffiness is not always being applied, resulting in my clothes being inflated.

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We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database for this issue and will follow up when we have updates!

Thanks for the report!

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This seems to be fixed now.

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