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This is an advanced tutorial. If you are a beginner, I do not recommend using this yet.

Have you ever wanted to create hand-made jeans/pants? Well, here’s the perfect tutorial for you!

There are a few things you need first though!

What you need for the following tutorial
  • advanced template
  • the following image
    (Download it)
  • some motivation!

Alright! This will be split up into 2 sections!

Section 1: Making The Jeans

1. Watch the following videos. (Sorry for the low quality. It wouldn’t upload if the quality was way better)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

2. Add a layer, and arrange it so that it’s below the lineart layer.
3. Color it in
4. Shade it as shown in the picture below. Use a darker version of the base color or black.

5. Blur the shading.

6. Change the opacity. (If you used black, like I did, then on the layer settings, change it to overlay.

(You can also add shading as shown in the following video in the folder below)


7. Add wrinkles and highlights

8. Remember in the “What you need for this tutorial” folder? Get the image I gave you and clip it to your design like so: (the image is a denim texture)

9. Change the opacity of the texture

Section 2: Making Rips

Just watch the video!

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