Leaves: What Is The Best Way To Make a Color Pop? 🍿

From my studying of colors and interior design to help make my games feel more vibrant, I came across an article that was discussing about color popping. And the following picture had me wondering…


Is this possible in Roblox? Can we design a part to have a unique color flow and, if so, how do you suggest I go about it? Thank you in advance!


Its all colours and shading my man. I highly suggest into studying colour palleting, where you pick colours that give off a feeling.

You should check what I said about this a while ago:


A quick analysis on the image. The plant’s primary or “loudest” colour is green, the secondary being the brown legs. The materials are very distinguishable as being leafy and wood-like. The colors and materials are so realistic that can easily imagine how they would feel (Note that). The artist who did this clearly put time into creating a background…and into the lighting.


If you’re planning for your game environment to be that theme I suggest you look into this object. Roblox has a wide collection of color effects.

I understand what you’re trying to explain to me. I use HTML color codes for shades. I’m asking how I would go apart that without using gradient decals?

Oh, have you ever considered baking the lighting in blender? You get an effect like this:


Do you plan on making a tutorial about that?


Perhaps, perhaps not. Currently I have no plan to make one, but there are plenty of other tutorials that do already explain the blender baking process. I may assist if you have any troubles.


If you don’t want to work an extremely hard job on decals or textures for the leaves, a different shade of the stem and veins of the leaf can make it pop

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