Leftover genre label on game profile pages links to non-existing sorts

These Genre labels on the game page have links that do not work properly:


Genre links that appear on a game page (as above) are as such, with various numbers depending on the genre (given example is Comedy):
However, following such a link just goes to this URL, which is identical to the default games page:

This affects all genres, including the ones that appear on the games page.
This makes it impossible, as far as I can see, to browse games by genre, unless that genre appears on the front page in which case you can browse that genre with a differently-formatted URL.
It appears that if a genre is not on the front page, the sort filter for that genre does not exist. I tried putting various numbers into the filter, and the only sort filters to appear were for genres/categories already on the front page.

I’m aware that manually selecting a genre to browse was removed in 2017, so it makes sense why the genre filter was removed; however you can’t just remove the genre filter yet keep a still-accessible feature which uses it, the genre filter must stay as long as something uses it (even if the genre filter is not directly accessible).
The possible fixes for this are:

  • Add the genre filter back into the backend, restoring functionality to anything relying on the genre filter, however not changing anything other than that. i.e. you can click on a game’s genre to see more games of that genre, however you still can’t pick a genre from the games page. This is the solution that keeps the status quo, so it is by far the most obvious one.
  • Fully restore the genre filter, by doing the above and also restoring the genre drop-down menu on the games page. Personally this idea is my favourite, but I suppose it’s unlikely since it means backtracking, and Roblox never seems to backtrack.
  • Finally eliminate this last trace of the genre filter. Functionally, this no different to how the site behaves now, though visually it is different. It’s just making a feature nonexistent instead of nonfunctional.

I know this thread is from almost a year ago but this bug seems to have been unaddressed and unnoticed. I hope Roblox chooses at least the first option (but I personally would prefer the second option). Roblox, please address this bug, it has existed for a very long time! Thank you!