LegoProxy - A Roblox API and Webhook Proxy for Roblox HTTPService

LegoProxy - A Roblox API And Webhook Proxy for Roblox HTTPService


A few highlights of what can LegoProxy do!

  • Give your Roblox Game unrestricted Roblox API Access
    LegoProxy allows your Roblox Game to access the Roblox APIs without any kind of restrictions!

  • Reduce API Ratelimits with Relay Clients
    Relay Clients allows your LegoProxy Server to send out requests to other Devices hosting a Relay Client (and is connected to the LegoProxy Relay Server) to reduce API Ratelimits allowing a better flow of requests! (Global Ratelimits is an exception.)

  • Cache Roblox API Responses
    Caching allows your LegoProxy Server to re-use old responses allowing you to have a faster response from your LegoProxy Server and reduce server load!


Here’s a quick breakdown on how to use LegoProxy.

Proxying Roblox API Requests (GET, POST)

Proxying Webhook Requests (POST)

JSON Data:

    "webhook": "",
    "data": {
        "abcd": "1234"

NOTE: My LegoProxy Server, is limited to 256 requests every 5 minutes (per Roblox Game/IP Address). It is recommended to host LegoProxy by yourself, there are a few free hosts you can use like Replit, Deta Space, Render, etc. All of them are free (with limitations of course, Deta is recommended.).

My Discord Server can be found here!


I recommend you don’t use proxies. You can get your information leaked (IP, cookies, Password). There are other safer ways similar to proxies that can successfully retrieve information from the Roblox API.
Using a proxy is like putting your private information on the edge intentionally. If you really are in need of using a proxy please resort to using proxies like RoProxy that have reputation for safety.


Or just host that open source proxy by yourself lol


way safer than someone you don’t know hosting it. (like me) …unless you trust them enough

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I meant like that you rent a server and put that proxy on there. If you’re paranoid you can also read the src since its ops

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I updated LegoProxy with the ability to do post requests (you have to query it with a one liner json body) and ability to allow requests coming from a given roblox game id to prevent other people using the proxy.

I also figured out a method where you can pass an endpoint path without fastapi breaking. which makes it very similar passing the subdomain and path like rprxy… this makes LegoProxy a “rprxy clone written in python” which is unfortunate.


Saw It’s apparently not allowed to host on Railway. Did anyone ask or did you guys just go for it?

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I did some small research. and yeah, It’s not allowed.
I have removed the Deploy button for Railway to prevent anyone hosting it on Railway and possibly get their Railway Account banned.

It’s better to deploy LegoProxy on Deta instead.

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You can get your information leaked (IP, cookies, Password)

cookies probably yeah but ip address and passwords?

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I’m not sure if you can actually grab passwords on a proxy, since most “hackers” get a user’s password by creating a clone of the website and try to get them logged in on that fake website.

But IP Addresses is what i am actually aware of. since people who owns a copy of LegoProxy can maliciously edit the code to grab their IP by getting it from the request headers which can be done in a single line of code.

I’m not sure about my answers but anyone can correct me if I’m wrong.

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pretty sure that making a http request from roblox uses the roblox server’s ip address, not yours

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Well if they were to use it on an Production Application or test the API through the browser (or curl), the user will likely to get their IP exposed.

LegoProxy v1.5

  • Added Login Page
  • Added Dashboard for Request Logs and Proxy Configuration (temporary, uses default settings on proxy restart.)
  • Added Subdomain Blacklisting
  • Added PATCH and DELETE request method (not tested)
  • Added Caching (can be removed by setting cacheExpiry to 0)
  • Changed Requests per Minute to Requests per Second
  • Fixed POST Requests from not returning any data
  • Removed Environment Variables for Configuration
  • Removed Rotation Boolean (LegoProxy now rotates to different IPs on default.)
  • Removed Webhook Logging (Due to request performance drop around 300 - 500 ms)
  • New Request Method instead of nested IFs

LegoProxy v1.6

  • Dashboard Redesign (including some improvements)
  • Settings now defaults to current values
  • Settings now (temporarily) save
  • Added Cookie Authentication
  • Added Documentation Page (/docs, /documentation)

Im planning to work on permanently saving the configuration of the proxy, possibly avoiding changing the settings back to default when the Proxy Server restarts (and so you don’t have to worry about it)

Doesn’t work.

  > print(game:GetService("HttpService"):GetAsync(""))  -  Studio
  {"success":false,"message":"LegoProxy - This proxy is only accepting requests from a Roblox Game."}  -  Edit

This is exactly why I dont use proxies, but I have literally no other choice.

FYI - It doesn’t work in a game.

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The configuration i have for the new version was unfortunately not counting “0” as None, will be fixing that right now.

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Alright, should be fixed by now

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Still having issues.

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You might want to double check the URL for the proxy if you had any typos, since it has nothing to do with the proxy itself.

Nevermind, something happened with my Service’s DNS causing the URL to “not exist”.

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this is a dangerous proxy, I tried to go there and I got warned with this (because I use google chrome)


they say that they can hijack my laptop if i go there while ignoring google’s warning