LegoProxy - A Roblox API and Webhook Proxy for Roblox HTTPService

I placed a new CNAME for the legoproxy subdomain, so you got that warning while trying to visit the proxy. The error should go away soon.

I was having issues on getting the proxy back up and running since cloudflare was acting up.

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if it’s because of the CNAME, then where is the CNAME?

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I don’t think i can answer this question since CNAME is used to point the domain to the proxy im hosting online.

EDIT: Here’s what a CNAME looks like

Does this explain why

I don’t think so… That error is different than what @VSCPlays is experiencing. (SSL Error)

you’re using google chrome like me, but there isn’t an warning message

That’s my website? Has nothing to do with this. That just means the server is off (which it is)

Having another issue. is returning {"errors":[{"code":8,"message":"No universe IDs were specified.","userFacingMessage":"Something went wrong"}]} instead of like it is on Something tells me it’s the ? character,.

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I have done a fix in LegoProxy v1.6a! Query Parameters should be included now.

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Hey, how would I be able to host this on Render? I’m very new to this whole self hosting stuff, and I was gonna try on Heroku since it seemed simpler but corporations being corporations, they were like “We need money!” and removed the free plan lol

I don’t really recommend hosting LegoProxy on Render as its really slow. You can host it from deta as its literally the same as Render but mich faster.

As of v2.1 announcement: render is now an option for hosting, you just need patience when trying to build the project.

Other alternatives to deta can be Replit or Vercel (i haven’t attempted to host one on vercel yet.)

Is Replit free aswell? and is it better than deta? I remember once trying to host something on Replit a while ago so I trust it, but should I use deta or Replit?

it’s your choice if you want to use deta or replit. thoguh i recommend going for deta as your proxy can be online 24/7 without even worrying about it being offline like replit.

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No, it’s not.

I was just able to install on Deta btw, works just fine. Requires a bit of technical knowledge but besides that it’s easy

Also, when logging in I just get a 429.

(yes, I checked, the maxRequests cariable is 5000)

Can you help me with installing it in deta if you got time please? I’m not good with hosting stuff lol

You can’t login from the LegoProxy dashboard since your hosting it on Deta. if you are hosting it on Replit, you can login through the dashboard without any errors.

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The site and this (i think) is still down. R.I.P.

That’s odd. Can you try visiting it on Incognito mode?


That’s not the proxy, Your visiting another website that I’m not even maintaining.
If your trying to visit the proxy, go to